Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yusmat

  yuṣmat—your    SB 3.7.18, SB 3.15.7, SB 4.7.44, SB 4.14.22, SB 4.20.24, SB 5.2.9, SB 10.2.32, Madhya 22.30, Madhya 24.131, Madhya 24.141 (and more...)
  yuṣmat—from you    SB 1.13.8
  yuṣmat—Your Lordship’s    SB 3.9.10
  yuṣmat—than you    SB 3.15.12
  yuṣmat—against you    SB 3.16.12
  yuṣmat-kule—in your dynasty    SB 8.19.4
  yuṣmat-kṛte—on your account    SB 1.9.13
  yuṣmat-vidhān—like you    SB 3.18.10

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