Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yuge

  yuge—millennium    Bg 4.8, SB 6.10.16
  yuge—after millennium.    Bg 4.8
  yuge—age    SB 1.1.10
  yuge—period    SB 1.4.3
  yuge—different periods    SB 1.10.25
  yuge—and ages.    SB 1.10.25
  yuge yuge—at the right time in each age.    Adi 2.67, Adi 2.67, Madhya 9.143, Madhya 9.143, Madhya 20.156, Madhya 20.156, Madhya 25.134, Madhya 25.134
  kali-yuge—in the Age of Kali    Adi 3.40, Adi 3.50, Madhya 6.95, Madhya 6.99, Madhya 20.343
  yuge yuge—in every age    SB 7.11.31, SB 7.11.31, Adi 3.23, Adi 3.23
  yuge yuge—in different ages.    SB 1.3.28, SB 1.3.28
  yuge yuge—different ages.    SB 1.4.16, SB 1.4.16
  yuge yuge—in each and every yuga, or particular age    SB 2.8.17, SB 2.8.17
  yuge yuge—in every millennium    SB 6.9.26-27, SB 6.9.26-27
  yuge yuge—in different millenniums.    Adi 5.79, Adi 5.79
  catuḥ-yuge—in cycles of four ages    Adi 3.8
  catuḥ-yuge—in the cycle of four ages    Adi 3.10
  śrī-hasta-yuge—with His two arms    Madhya 13.117
  cāri-yuge—in the four ages    Adi 3.7
  kṛte yuge—in the Satya-yuga    SB 3.21.8
  prabhura caraṇa-yuge—on the lotus feet of the Lord    Madhya 12.122
  prati-yuge—in every age or millennium    Madhya 6.100
  satya-yuge—in the millennium of Satya-yuga    Madhya 20.334
  āra tina-yuge—in the three other yugas    Madhya 20.343

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