Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yonisu

  yoniṣu—in the wombs.    Bg 16.19, SB 6.16.4
  yoniṣu—in different species of life.    SB 3.27.3, SB 6.16.6
  yoniṣu—species    Bg 14.15
  yoniṣu—in families.    Madhya 25.40
  jīva-yoniṣu—in different species of life    SB 3.9.19
  nānā-yoniṣu—in various forms of life    SB 7.13.24
  nānā-yoniṣu—in different species of life    SB 8.22.25
  sakala-yoniṣu—in any type of body    SB 7.9.17
  sarva-yoniṣu—in all species of life    Bg 14.4
  sva-yoniṣu—the source of manifestation    SB 1.2.32
  sva-yoniṣu—in forms of wood    SB 3.28.43

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