Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yoni

  yoni—species of life    Bg 13.22
  ajana-yoni-jaḥ—the son of Lord Brahmā, Dakṣa.    SB 4.30.48
  bīja-yonī—both the cause and ingredient    Madhya 20.262
  nija-yoni—causing their own bodies    SB 7.2.41
  yathā-yoni—exactly like the mother    SB 6.1.54
  yoni-bījayoḥ—of both the mother and father    SB 4.6.42
  yoni-gataḥ—being within a specific species of life    SB 6.16.8
  yoni-nirgataḥ—coming out of the womb    SB 5.8.5
  ātma-yoni—of Brahmā    SB 3.28.25

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