Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yoginam

  yoginām—of the devotees.    Bg 3.3, SB 1.5.23
  yoginām—of the yogīs    SB 3.25.19, SB 5.6.6
  yoginam—the yogī    Bg 6.27
  yoginam—a highly elevated mystic    SB 9.6.38
  yoginām—of learned transcendentalists    Bg 6.42
  yoginām—of all yogīs    Bg 6.47
  yoginām—of the saints    SB 1.19.37
  yoginām—of all who are self-satisfied    SB 2.1.11
  yoginām—of the mystics    SB 2.8.20
  yoginām—of yogīs    SB 3.25.2
  yoginām—by the great yogīs or devotees    SB 6.14.23
  yoginām—of great yogīs, mystics    SB 10.9.9
  ku-yoginām—of the nondevotees    SB 2.4.14
  ku-yoginām—of persons not in the line of devotional service    SB 4.20.25
  ku-yoginām—of those who are attached to the objects of the senses    SB 6.16.47
  kūṭa-yoginām—for the pseudo mystics.    SB 2.9.20

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