Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yogena

  yogena—by yoga practice    Bg 18.33, SB 3.28.12, SB 3.32.27, SB 3.32.34-36
  yogena—in devotional service    Bg 10.7, Bg 12.9, SB 3.3.23
  yogena—by practice of mystic yoga    SB 4.20.16, SB 8.6.9
  yogena—by practice of such bhakti-yoga    Bg 12.6-7
  yogena—by the yoga system    Bg 13.25
  yogena—by the process of linking up    SB 1.7.4
  yogena—by combination    SB 2.9.27
  yogena—by performance of yoga    SB 3.2.19
  yogena—in meditation    SB 3.8.22
  yogena—by concentration of the mind in devotion    SB 3.20.52
  yogena—by means of mystic yoga    SB 3.24.17
  yogena—by practicing yoga    SB 3.25.27
  yogena—by mystic yoga    SB 3.27.22
  yogena—by mystic meditation    SB 4.8.30
  yogena—by proper means    SB 4.18.8
  yogena—by dint of    SB-4.21.36
  yogena—by mystic yoga practice    SB 4.31.12
  yogena—by controlling the senses    SB 5.2.5
  yogena—by practice of bhakti-yoga    SB 5.5.10-13
  yogena—practice of yoga    SB 5.5.14
  yogena—by the mystic power    SB 7.9.32
  yogena—simply by the method of devotional service    SB 7.9.47
  yogena—by bhakti-yoga, devotional service    SB 7.10.12

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: yogena

  bhakti-yogena—by devotional service    Bg 14.26, SB 3.25.43, SB 3.27.5, SB 3.32.34-36, SB 5.18.34, SB 7.1.27, Madhya 22.36
  bhakti-yogena—by the practice of bhakti-yoga    Madhya 24.90, Madhya 24.197
  amsa-yogena—partly mixed    SB 3.5.33
  adhyatma-yogena—by the means of bhakti-yoga    SB 4.22.53
  adhyatma-yogena—by study of the revealed scriptures    SB 5.5.10-13
  ananya-yogena—by devotional service    Bg 13.8-12
  antah-bahih-yogena—by connection with the inner or outer circles    SB 5.23.3
  aurva-upadista-yogena—by the mystic yoga practice advised by Aurva    SB 9.8.7
  avyavadhana-ananya-bhakti-yogena—by uninterrupted and unflinching devotional service    SB 5.18.7
  bhagavat-bhakti-yogena—by the practice of devotional service to the Lord    SB 5.15.7
  bhagavat-bhakti-yogena—by devotional service unto the Lord    SB 5.17.2
  bhakti-pravaha-yogena—by continuous engagement in devotional service    SB 3.33.24-25
  bhakti-yogena—by devotional service to the Lord    SB 2.3.10
  bhakti-yogena—devotional service    SB 3.2.4
  bhakti-yogena—by linking up    SB 3.7.12
  bhakti-yogena—by practice of devotional service    SB 3.25.44
  bhakti-yogena—by the process of devotional service    SB 4.8.61
  bhakti-yogena—by dint of devotional service    SB 5.7.12
  bhakti-yogena—by performing transcendental loving service to the Lord    SB 9.4.26
  daiva-yogena—with the energy of the Supreme Lord    SB 3.20.14
  daiva-yogena—by some superior force    SB 8.11.33
  deha-yogena—from contact with the material body    SB 5.5.6
  deha-yogena—because of possessing a particular type of material body    SB 7.6.3
  ekanta-bhakti-yogena—with unalloyed devotional service    SB 5.25.4
  jnana-yogena—by the linking process of knowledge    Bg 3.3
  karma-yogena—by the linking process of devotion    Bg 3.3
  karma-yogena—by activities without fruitive desire    Bg 13.25
  kriya-yogena—by bhakti-yoga worship    SB 3.21.7
  kriya-yogena—by devotional activities    SB 3.29.15
  mahata bhakti-yogena—by dint of advanced devotional service    SB 5.18.24
  raksa-yogena—by some means    SB 8.24.22
  samrambha-bhaya-yogena—through intense fear and enmity    SB 7.1.28-29
  samrambha-yogena—by practice of mystic yoga in anger    SB 3.16.31
  samadhi-yogena—by practicing yoga in complete absorption    SB 5.1.6
  samadhi-yogena—by full samadhi    SB 5.4.5
  samadhi-yogena—by absorption of the mind in the service of the Lord    SB 5.18.17
  samadhi-yogena—by mystic meditation    SB 8.17.22
  vidya-yogena—by mantra and ingredients    SB 4.14.35
  atma-yogena—by the devotional service of the Lord    SB 5.20.2