Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yoga

  yoga—mystic power    SB 2.2.23, SB 3.13.45, SB 6.13.16, SB 7.3.9-10, SB 7.4.13, Madhya 18.196, Madhya 20.157
  yoga—mystic yoga practices    SB 4.6.9, Madhya 22.59, Madhya 24.79
  yoga—mystic    SB 2.7.4, SB 3.11.32
  yoga—of the yoga system    SB 3.29.5, Antya 7.22
  yoga—connection    Madhya 2.43, Madhya 23.56
  yoga—in the mystic yoga process    Madhya 8.224, Madhya 9.123
  yoga—linking process    Bg 4.27
  yoga—devotion    Bg 4.38
  yoga—devotional service in karma-yoga    Bg 4.41
  yoga—eightfold yoga    Bg 6.3
  yoga—the yoga    Bg 9.28
  yoga—of linking up    Bg 16.1-3
  yoga—means    SB 3.5.47
  yoga—by mysticism    SB 3.9.41
  yoga—concentration of the mind    SB 3.20.53
  yoga—by devotional service    SB 3.31.48
  yoga—by yoga    SB 3.33.15
  yoga—yoga practice    SB 3.33.29
  yoga—by yoga practice    SB 3.33.32
  yoga—by practice of yoga    SB 4.13.8-9
  yoga—by power of mystic yoga    SB 5.1.12
  yoga—by mystic power    SB 5.1.41
  yoga—and of the means    SB 5.3.2
  yoga—of mystic yoga    SB 5.5.35
  yoga—by the process of linking with the Supreme by bhakti-yoga    SB 6.16.63
  yoga—of yogic perfections    SB 6.18.61
  yoga—and mystic power    SB 7.3.9-10
  yoga—of mysticism    SB 7.8.45
  yoga—by mystic practice    SB 7.11.3
  yoga—by a conjunction    SB 7.14.20-23
  yoga—by bhakti-yoga, devotional service    SB 8.3.20-21
  yoga—the science of self-realization or bhakti-yoga    SB 8.24.55
  yoga—by practice of devotion    SB 10.2.34
  yoga—and of mystic yoga    Adi 2.26
  yoga—mystic hatha-yoga    Adi 13.65
  yoga—practice of the mystic yoga system    Adi 17.24
  yoga—the process of controlling the senses    Adi 17.75
  yoga—mystic yogic meditation    Madhya 13.139
  yoga—the mystic yoga system    Madhya 20.136
  yoga—the practice of mystic yoga    Madhya 21.119

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: yoga

  bhakti-yoga—in devotional service    SB 3.9.11, SB 5.15.12, Adi 3.111, Antya 7.22
  bhakti-yoga—devotional service    SB 3.29.14, SB 4.24.59, Madhya 6.254
  yoga-isvara—O master of all mystic powers    SB 1.8.43, SB 3.5.6
  yoga-isvara—O master of mystic power    SB 5.12.4, Madhya 21.9
  yoga-maya—internal energy    SB 3.16.9, Madhya 21.103
  atma-yoga-mayaya—by His own spiritual potency    SB 5.4.3, SB 5.20.41
  adhyatma-yoga—of mystic instruction for self-realization    SB 5.12.3
  bahu-yoga-grantha-sammatam—approved by all yogic processes and their scriptures    SB 5.10.15
  bhakti-yoga—devotional    SB 1.5.35
  bhakti-yoga—the science of devotional service    SB 1.8.20
  bhakti-yoga—of mystic devotional service    SB 5.1.27
  bhakti-yoga—of the mystic process of devotional service    SB 5.17.3
  bhakti-yoga-laksanah—having symptoms of pure devotional service    SB 5.19.20
  bhakti-yoga-akhyah—called bhakti-yoga    Madhya 19.174
  brahma-yoga—concentrated in Brahman    Bg 5.21
  deha-yoga-viyogau ca—and this causes connections and separations among different bodies    SB 10.4.20
  dhyana-yoga-parah—always absorbed in trance    Bg 18.51-53
  jnana-yoga—philosophical speculation    Adi 14.30
  jnana-yoga—spiritual advancement in knowledge.    Antya 8.66
  karma-yoga-jnana—fruitive activities, mystic yoga and speculative knowledge.    Madhya 22.17
  maha-yoga-maye—having many sages engaged in meditation on the Supreme    SB 4.6.33
  nija-yoga-mayaya—by His own spiritual potency    SB 8.18.11
  sva-yoga-maya-balam—potency of the internal energy    SB 3.2.12
  sankhya-yoga-isvaraya—the master of the principles of sankhya-yoga    SB 4.24.42
  tapah-vidya-yoga-yuktan—full of austerity, knowledge and mystic power    SB 3.22.2
  tapah-yoga-bala—by austerity, mystic power and strength    SB 7.10.27
  tapah-yoga-prabhavanam—of those whose power is obtained by austerities and the practice of mystic yoga    SB 7.3.37-38
  tivra-yoga—severe austerities    SB 4.8.31
  yoga-abhyasa—practice of mystic yoga    Antya 14.50
  yoga-abhyasena—by practice of yoga    SB 3.32.30
  yoga-aisvarya-sariraya—whose body is full of opulences and mystic power    SB 8.16.33
  yoga-aisvaryena—by mystic power    SB 9.8.17
  yoga-aisvaryani—the mystic powers    SB 5.5.35
  yoga-aisvaryani—all the perfections of mystic yoga    SB 5.16.13-14
  yoga-antarayan—obstacles on the path of yoga    SB 7.15.23
  yoga-anubhavena—by yogic powers    SB 3.23.46
  yoga-anusasanam—only to be achieved by practicing devotional service    SB 5.14.39
  yoga-balena—by the power of mystic yoga    Bg 8.10
  yoga-balena—by mystic power    SB 4.17.27
  yoga-bhrastah—one who is fallen from the path of self-realization    Bg 6.41
  yoga-caryam—performance of yoga    SB 2.7.10
  yoga-sastre—in the scriptures of yoga    Adi 2.18
  yoga-dharminam—engaged in linking with the Supreme    SB 3.16.1
  yoga-dharanaya—by mystic power    SB 6.8.38
  yoga-dharanam—the yogic situation.    Bg 8.12
  yoga-dharanayam—in absorption in worship    SB 5.23.4
  yoga-isa-rupa-dhrk—by assuming the form of a great yogi like Dattatreya.    SB 8.14.8
  yoga-isam—unto that Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of all mystic yoga    SB 8.3.27
  yoga-isah—the master of yoga    SB 6.18.61
  yoga-isah—a master of mystic power    SB 10.6.32
  yoga-isvara—the great mystics    SB 2.2.10
  yoga-isvara—of the master of the mystic powers    SB 2.8.20
  yoga-isvara—the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 4.22.22
  yoga-isvara—of the most advanced mystic yogis    SB 5.10.8
  yoga-isvara—O my Lord, master of all mystic power    SB 5.19.13
  yoga-isvara-isvare—the master of all masters of mystic power    Antya 3.84
  yoga-isvaraih—by the masters of yoga    SB 3.16.37
  yoga-isvaraih—with great mystic yogis    SB 3.32.12-15
  yoga-isvaraih—by great saintly persons, yogis    SB 7.15.27
  yoga-isvaraih—by the great mystic yogis    Madhya 1.81
  yoga-isvaraih—by great mystic yogis    Madhya 13.136
  yoga-isvaram—the master of all mystic power    SB 5.10.19
  yoga-isvaratvam—controlling power gained by the practice of mystic yoga    SB 9.15.17-19
  yoga-isvarah—the Lord of all mysticism    SB 1.8.14
  yoga-isvarah—the master of all mystics    SB 3.4.25
  yoga-isvarah—the master of all mystic power    SB 5.4.3
  yoga-isvarah—Yogesvara, the master of mystic powers    SB 8.13.32
  yoga-isvarah—master of mystic yoga    SB 9.2.32
  yoga-isvare—the Lord of all mystic powers    SB 1.1.23
  yoga-isvare—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of all mystic power    Madhya 24.320
  yoga-isvarena—by the master of all mystic powers    Adi 1.72
  yoga-isvaranam—of the great saints and devotees    SB 2.2.23
  yoga-isvaranam—of all the advanced yogis    SB 5.10.20
  yoga-isvarah—the lords of mystic power    SB 1.18.14
  yoga-isvarah—the great mystics    SB 4.7.38
  yoga-isah—the masters of mystic power    SB 4.19.6
  yoga-gatibhih—the practice of the mystic yoga system    SB 4.23.12
  yoga-gatim—yogic power    SB 3.23.35
  yoga-gatim—the destination of mystic yoga practice    SB 4.24.4
  yoga-grathitani—bearing the complete meaning of mystic yoga    SB 5.10.18
  yoga-gunah—the eight mystic perfections    SB 8.17.10
  yoga-hetave—the original master of all mystic power.    SB 8.16.33
  yoga-kaksam—having his left knee firmly fixed with a knotted cloth    SB 4.6.39
  yoga-ksemam—requirements    Bg 9.22
  yoga-ksemam—maintenance    SB 1.6.7
  yoga-laksanaih—with the eightfold symptoms of yogic perfection    SB 3.21.4
  yoga-mahagunah—the quality of mystic power.    SB 9.23.24
  yoga-mayyau—full of mystic power    SB 4.15.18
  yoga-margaih—by the process of astanga-yoga    SB 3.15.45
  yoga-margaih—by the processes of mystic power.    SB 3.25.26
  yoga-marge—by practicing mystic yoga    Madhya 24.83
  yoga-mayah—His yogamaya potency    SB 3.16.37
  yoga-mayaya—through His internal potency    SB 3.16.15
  yoga-mayaya—by yogamaya    SB 3.21.19
  yoga-maya—internal potency    Bg 7.25
  yoga-maya—energy of the Lord    SB 3.5.22
  yoga-maya—by spiritual potency    SB 3.15.26
  yoga-maya—of transcendental science    SB 3.23.9
  yoga-maya—of mystic powers    SB 3.23.10
  yoga-maya—by the Lordís creative potency    SB 8.5.43
  yoga-maya—yogamaya, Lord Krsna's internal potency    Adi 4.29
  yoga-maya—the spiritual energy    Madhya 21.44
  yoga-maya—of the spiritual potency    Madhya 21.100
  yoga-maya-balena—by the mystic power that Indra himself possessed    SB 6.12.31
  yoga-maya-isvare—the Lord of yogamaya    SB 3.19.17
  yoga-maya-vasanaya—by the accomplishment of yogamaya for the purpose of the Lordís pastimes    SB 5.6.7
  yoga-mayam—potency    SB 2.7.43-45
  yoga-mayam—spiritual energy.    Madhya 21.9
  yoga-mayasu—in temporary enjoyment    SB 3.22.34
  yoga-mayah—the mystic perfections of yoga    SB 5.6.15
  yoga-naipunam—the expert process of executing yogic principles    SB 5.19.13
  yoga-nidraya—by the spiritual energy called Yogamaya    SB 10.2.15
  yoga-nidraya—by Yogamaya, the goddess Durga.    SB 10.4.29
  yoga-nidra-avasana—after the end of that transcendental sleep    SB 3.9.21
  yoga-nidram—sleeping in meditation    SB 1.3.2
  yoga-nistham—compact in bhakti-yoga    SB 1.18.17
  yoga-nisthaya—by conviction in spiritual understanding    SB 4.22.22
  yoga-nathah—the master of all mystic powers    SB 6.8.16
  yoga-pathaih—by the system of yoga (mystic bodily power to attain the godly stage)    SB 1.6.35
  yoga-pathaih—by the yoga system    SB 3.27.6
  yoga-patham—the mystic yoga process    SB 4.4.24
  yoga-patham—the path of devotional service    SB 4.6.35
  yoga-patta—saffron-colored dress    Madhya 10.108
  yoga-patta diya—offering Him saffron cloth    Madhya 6.76
  yoga-pitha—pious temple    Adi 8.50
  yoga-pithe—at the principal temple    Adi 5.218-219
  yoga-pravartakaih—the authors of the yoga system    SB 3.32.12-15
  yoga-pravrttaya—engaged in devotional service    SB 3.26.72
  yoga-randhita-karmanah—persons whose reactions to fruitive activities have been burnt up by bhakti-yoga    SB 8.3.27
  yoga-ratam—engaged in devotional service    SB 3.29.20
  yoga-ratah—being engaged in the performance of yoga    SB 6.10.33
  yoga-rathena—by the vehicle of mystic yoga    SB 8.5.29
  yoga-raddhena—by dint of mystic vision    SB 3.11.17
  yoga-samsiddhim—highest perfection in mysticism    Bg 6.37
  yoga-samyuta—by mystic yoga.    SB 4.1.66
  yoga-samira-dipita—ignited by the air of mystic yoga practice    SB 8.21.2-3
  yoga-samirita—achieved by practice of yoga    SB 5.6.1
  yoga-samjnitam—trance in yoga.    Bg 6.20-23
  yoga-samadhina—in mystic trance    SB 3.19.28
  yoga-samadhina—by trance in yoga    SB 3.24.28
  yoga-sevaya—by performance of yoga    Bg 6.20-23
  yoga-siddhah—perfection in the power of mystic yoga    SB 9.12.6
  yoga-siddhih—eight kinds of mystic yogic power (anima, laghima, mahima, etc.)    SB 6.11.25
  yoga-siddham—achieved by mystic yoga    SB 7.8.45
  yoga-sthah—steadfast in yoga    Bg 2.48
  yoga-sankhyayoh—of mystic yoga and the Sankhya philosophy (analysis of the ways of nature)    SB 6.4.32
  yoga-talpat—from the bedstead of mystic slumber    SB 2.10.13
  yoga-tantram—an elaborate description of the mystic yoga system    SB 9.21.26
  yoga-tapasah—executing the activities of mystic yoga and austerities    SB 5.8.26
  yoga-upacitasu—to powers developed by yoga    SB 3.27.30
  yoga-upalabdhena—obtained by the yoga process    SB 6.1.1
  yoga-viryena—by practicing hatha-yoga, pranayama and so forth    SB 7.15.24
  yoga-vibhavite—completely purified and clean    SB 8.3.27
  yoga-vipakkaya—by matured meditation.    SB 3.6.38
  yoga-vipaka-tivraya—on account of mature realization of the yogic process    SB 4.9.2
  yoga-vit—very powerful yogi    SB 4.1.33
  yoga-vit—expert in the power of mystic yoga.    SB 9.19.10
  yoga-vittamah—the most perfect.    Bg 12.1
  yoga-vitanaih—by meditation and other yogic processes    SB 5.22.4
  yoga-yajnah—sacrifice in eightfold mysticism    Bg 4.28
  yoga-yuk—engaged in bhakti-yoga    SB 3.33.13
  yoga-yukta-atma—one who is dovetailed in Krsna consciousness    Bg 6.29
  yoga-yuktah—one engaged in devotional service    Bg 5.6
  yoga-yuktah—engaged in devotional service    Bg 5.7
  yoga-yuktah—being engaged in Krsna consciousness    Bg 8.27
  yoga-yuktah—situated in devotional service    SB 3.25.26
  yoga-yuktena—being engaged in meditation    Bg 8.8
  yoga-acaryah—the propounder of the philosophy of yoga    SB 9.12.3-4
  yoga-adesam—this instruction of bhakti-yoga    SB 4.24.71
  yoga-adesena—by the instruction on yoga    SB 3.33.13
  yoga-adira—of connection and separation    Madhya 23.56
  yoga-arambhanasya—whose path of executing the mystic yoga practices    SB 5.8.26
  yoga-arambhanatah—from the activities of yoga performances    SB 5.8.26
  yoga-aruruksu—persons desiring elevation to the platform of yogic perfection    Madhya 24.158
  yoga-arudha—persons already elevated to that position    Madhya 24.158
  yoga-arudhasya—of one who has attained such perfect knowledge    Madhya 24.159
  yoga-arudhah—elevated in yoga    Bg 6.4
  yoga-arudhah—an accomplished yogi    SB 3.18.15
  yoga-arudhah—one who has actually attained perfection in the yoga system    Madhya 24.160
  atma-yoga—by fixing the mind    SB 3.23.7
  atma-yoga—based on meditation on the Lord    SB 3.33.37
  atma-yoga-patayah—the masters of self-realization by devotional service    SB 4.22.48
  atma-yoga-samadhina—absorption in bhakti-yoga    SB 6.9.33