Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yatraya

  yātrayā—living condition    SB 4.23.20
  yātrāya—during the Ratha-yātrā festival    Madhya 15.98
  ratha-yātrāya—in the car festival    Madhya 1.54, Madhya 13.3
  jagannātha ratha-yātrāya—on the occasion of the car festival of Lord Jagannātha    Antya 4.11
  nija-loka-yātrayā—by a practice arrived at by their own mental concoction    SB 5.6.11
  ratha-yātrāya—during the function of Ratha-yātrā    Antya 1.72
  ratha-yātrāya—during the Ratha-yātrā performance    Antya 6.244
  tīrtha-yātrāya—in going for a pilgrimage    Madhya 1.223
  tīrtha-yātrāya—when touring the holy places    Madhya 5.59
  vana-yātrāya—in touring the different forests    Madhya 5.12

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