Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yatana

  yatana—efforts.    Adi 4.119-120, Adi 4.148
  yatana—attempts    Adi 7.31-32
  yatana—all efforts.    Madhya 4.103
  yatana—efforts    Madhya 4.111
  yatana—endeavor.    Madhya 4.150
  yatana—for punishment    SB 3.30.20
  yatana—punishments    SB 3.30.34
  yatana—Excessive Pain    SB 4.8.4

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: yatana

  kariya yatana—with great attention.    Madhya 5.70, Madhya 15.87
  aneka yatana—much endeavor.    Madhya 11.42
  bahu yatana kariya—with great care.    Antya 12.107
  karena yatana—makes endeavors    Adi 6.108
  kari aneka yatana—with great attention    Antya 6.269
  karila yatana—made some endeavor.    Antya 16.91
  kariya yatana—with great endeavor.    Madhya 15.72
  kariya yatana—with great eagerness    Antya 10.112
  paiba yatana—you will be punished.    Antya 6.21
  yatana kariya—with great attention.    Antya 8.73
  yatana kariya—with great care.    Antya 12.103
  yatana-bhumayah—lands of suffering in hellish conditions.    SB 5.26.7
  yatana-grhan—to the torture chambers, the hellish planets    SB 6.3.9
  yatana-sthah—always situated in extremely miserable conditions    SB 5.26.9