Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yasam

  yasam—of which    SB 5.20.3-4, SB 5.20.16
  yasam—of all of whom    SB 6.6.3, SB 10.6.39-40
  yasam—of whom (the gopis)    Adi 17.281, Madhya 9.150
  yasam—from whose    SB 1.10.30
  yasam—whose    SB 1.11.36
  yasam—of those whose    SB 3.14.12
  yasam—of them    SB 4.3.12
  yasam—of whom (the daughters)    SB 5.18.15
  yasam—of all the rivers    SB 5.20.22

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing yasam.