Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yantritah

  yantritah—being captivated    SB 4.20.16
  yantritah—completely    SB 4.22.4
  yantritah—are directed    SB 3.15.8
  yantritah—controlled.    SB 4.11.27
  yantritah—engaged    SB 6.5.4-5

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: yantritah

  amrta-yantritah—being captivated by the nectar.    SB 7.13.20
  prema-yantritah—as if tied in love, although it is actually lust    SB 9.19.12
  sneha-yantritah—being attached by affection    SB 6.1.26
  su-yantritah—faithful, well behaved    SB 7.12.3
  sutra-yantritah—bound by rope    SB 5.17.22-23
  visnu-yantritah—ordered by Lord Visnu    SB 6.11.20
  varuna-pasa-yantritah—being bound by the ropes of Varuna    SB 8.22.14