Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yanam

  yānam—horses    SB 3.3.27
  yānam—His departure    SB 4.30.43
  yānam—the palanquin    SB 5.10.2
  yānam—airplane    SB 8.10.16-18
  yānam—on the airplane    SB 9.10.32
  deva-yānam—going to Devaloka    SB 4.29.13
  deva-yānam—the process of elevation known as deva-yāna    SB 7.15.55
  deva-yānam—the predominating deity for the path of deliverance for the demigods    SB 8.5.36
  pitṛ-yānam—going to Pitṛloka    SB 4.29.13
  pitṛ-yānam—the way of taking birth from the father’s semen    SB 7.15.50-51
  rāja-yānam—the palanquin of the King    SB 5.10.14

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