Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yajna

  yajna—sacrifices    Bg 4.30, Bg 5.29, Bg 11.48, Bg 17.24, Bg 17.25, Bg 18.3, Bg 18.5, SB 1.4.19, SB 1.17.33, SB 4.4.6 (and more...)
  yajna—of sacrifice    SB 2.4.20, SB 2.9.15
  yajna—sacrificial    SB 2.6.23, SB 4.19.2
  yajna—the sacrifice    SB 4.19.24-25, Adi 3.78
  yajna—Visnu    SB 1.5.38
  yajna—Lord Visnu    SB 3.13.23
  yajna—asoma sacrifices    SB 3.13.38
  yajna—Yajna    SB 4.1.4
  yajna—in the form of animal sacrifices    SB 5.18.35
  yajna—of the sacrifice    SB 6.14.28
  yajna—the avatara named Yajna    Madhya 20.325
  yajna—performance of sacrifices    Madhya 20.335
  yajna—such a sacrifice    Antya 3.124

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: yajna

  yajna-patih—the enjoyer of all sacrifices    SB 4.19.3, SB 4.21.27
  yajna-purusah—the enjoyer of all sacrifices    SB 4.13.33, SB 4.14.25
  akhila-yajna-tantave—the enjoyer of all sacrifices    SB 3.19.30
  brahma-brahmana-yajna-purusa-loka-vidusakah—blasphemous toward the Vedas, the strict brahmanas, ritualistic ceremonies such as sacrifice, and toward the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the devotees    SB 5.6.10
  hrta-yajna—devoid of sacrificial    SB 1.16.20
  maha-yajna—great sacrifice    Antya 3.240
  pitr-yajna-maha-utsavam—the great festival of sacrifice performed by her father    SB 4.3.5-7
  paka-yajna-vidhanena—according to the injunctions of the Grhya-sutras    SB 6.19.22
  sarva-yajna—all kinds of religious rituals and sacrifices    SB 8.16.60
  sarva-yajna haite—than all other sacrifices    Adi 3.78
  sarva-yajna-bhuk—the enjoyer of the results of all kinds of sacrifices    SB 7.14.17
  tat-yajna-sadanam—the arena of sacrifice    SB 9.6.27
  yajna-artham—for performing sacrifices    SB 9.13.18
  yajna-arthe—for the purpose of performing sacrifices    SB 4.18.7
  yajna-arthat—only for the sake of Yajna, or Visnu    Bg 3.9
  yajna-avayavasya—of the Personality of Godhead (of whose body yajna is a part)    SB 3.18.20
  yajna-bhujam—all the demigods eligible to accept yajna offerings    SB-4.21.36
  yajna-bhuk—the Lord, the enjoyer of the sacrifice.    SB 4.13.32
  yajna-bhuk—the enjoyer of the yajna    SB 4.20.1
  yajna-bhuk—the enjoyer of the fruits resulting from sacrifice    SB 9.5.5
  yajna-bhuk—the enjoyer of the results of sacrifice    SB 9.17.4
  yajna-bhuk bala-kelih—although He accepts offerings in yajna, for the sake of childhood pastimes He was enjoying foodstuffs very jubilantly with His cowherd boyfriends.    SB 10.13.11
  yajna-bhaga-bhujah—the enjoyers of the result of yajnas    SB 8.14.6
  yajna-bhagan—the shares of ritualistic ceremonies    SB 9.17.14
  yajna-bhajah—the recipients of the results of sacrifice    SB 5.7.6
  yajna-bhavana—one who is understood by performances of sacrifice    SB 3.13.34
  yajna-bhavane—the protector of sacrifice.    SB 4.7.48
  yajna-bhavitah—being satisfied by the performance of sacrifices    Bg 3.12
  yajna-bahu—Yajnabahu    SB 5.1.25
  yajna-bahuh—named Yajnabahu    SB 5.20.9
  yajna-silan—persons engaged in offering sacrifices    SB 10.4.40
  yajna-silah—expert in performing ritualistic ceremonies    SB 5.4.13
  yajna-sesam—the last ritualistic ceremony of the sacrifice    SB 9.8.29
  yajna-chidram—discrepancies in the performance of sacrifices    SB 8.23.18
  yajna-sista—food taken after performance of yajna    Bg 3.13
  yajna-sista—as a result of such performances of yajna    Bg 4.30
  yajna-salasu—in the sacrificial fire    SB 4.4.21
  yajna-dhruk—creating a disturbance in the performance of the sacrifice    SB 4.19.36
  yajna-isa—O Lord of sacrifice    SB 4.7.47
  yajna-isa—O controller of all sacrificial ceremonies    SB 8.17.8
  yajna-isa-makhah—the performance of devotional service to the Lord of sacrifices    SB 5.19.24
  yajna-isam—the master of sacrifices    SB 4.12.10
  yajna-isam—unto Lord Visnu    SB 4.23.25
  yajna-isam—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the enjoyer of all sacrificial ceremonies    SB 5.4.7
  yajna-isam—the master or enjoyer of the yajna    SB 9.14.47
  yajna-isah—You are the enjoyer of all sacrifices    SB 8.23.15
  yajna-isvara—O master of all sacrifices    SB 3.13.29
  yajna-isvara-dhiya—with the perfect intelligence of thinking as part and parcel of the Supreme Lord    SB 4.20.35-36
  yajna-isvaram—unto the Supreme Lord, the Personality of Godhead    SB 1.17.33
  yajna-isvaram—unto the master of all sacrifices    SB 4.7.25
  yajna-gatam—being present at the sacrifice    SB 4.3.24
  yajna-ghna-ghnena—for killing the destroyers of the yajna    SB 4.4.32
  yajna-ghnan—the disturbers of the sacrificial performances    SB 3.22.29-30
  yajna-ghnan—who were disturbing sacrifices    SB 6.6.33-36
  yajna-han—O destroyer of the sacrifice.    SB 4.6.53
  yajna-hanam—one who impeded the performance of a yajna    SB 4.19.15
  yajna-hrdayam—the heart of all sacrifices    SB 4.9.24
  yajna-kalpah—who is ascertained by performance of ritualistic ceremonies    SB 6.8.15
  yajna-kratu-rupam—having the form of sacrifices without animals and sacrifices with animals    SB 5.7.5
  yajna-kratuh—having the form of sacrifice.    SB 4.7.46
  yajna-krtah—of the performer of the sacrifice (Daksa)    SB 4.4.7
  yajna-lingasya—the enjoyer of the results of all sacrifices    SB 5.17.1
  yajna-lingah—the form of sacrifice    SB 3.13.13
  yajna-maha-utsavah—a great sacrifice    SB 4.3.8
  yajna-mayim—all-inclusive sacrifices    SB 2.7.1
  yajna-murtina—the form of sacrifices    SB 3.14.2
  yajna-pasavah—the sacrificial animals    SB 4.28.26
  yajna-pasum—the animal meant to be sacrificed in the yajna    SB 4.19.11
  yajna-patim—unto the Lord, the enjoyer of all sacrificial ceremonies    SB 8.17.7
  yajna-patih—the Lord of all yajnas    SB 4.20.1
  yajna-pumsa—with the enjoyer of all yajnas.    SB 4.25.29
  yajna-purusa—the person who enjoys the benefits of all sacrifices    SB 8.17.8
  yajna-purusam—Lord Visnu    SB 3.22.31
  yajna-purusam—Lord Visnu, the master and enjoyer of all performances of sacrifice    SB 5.3.1
  yajna-purusam—who accepts all kinds of sacrificial ceremonies    SB 5.14.29
  yajna-purusam—the yajna-purusa, the Lord    SB 9.18.48
  yajna-purusasya—who is worshiped by Vedic ritualistic ceremonies    SB 5.14.30
  yajna-purusah—the person who is pleased by performances of sacrifice    SB 2.7.11
  yajna-purusah—who accepts all results of sacrifices    SB 5.18.34
  yajna-purusah—You are the person for whose pleasure all sacrifices are offered    SB 8.23.15
  yajna-puruse—the enjoyer of all sacrifices    SB 5.7.6
  yajna-purusah—the enjoyer of all sacrifices    SB 4.13.4
  yajna-purusah—who is the enjoyer of all sacrifices    SB 4.14.18
  yajna-patrani—the pots used in the sacrifice    SB 4.5.15
  yajna-sadasi—in the assembly of the sacrifice    SB 4.4.9
  yajna-sampadah—paraphernalia for performing yajna, or the means for pleasing the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 7.14.16
  yajna-sukarah—in His boar form, the enjoyer of all sacrifices    SB 3.19.9
  yajna-sutra—sacred thread    Adi 5.123
  yajna-ucchistam—the remnants of sacrifice    SB 6.19.16
  yajna-viryaya—unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is able to give the results of sacrifice    SB 6.9.31
  yajna-vidah—conversant with the purpose of performing    Bg 4.30
  yajna-vighnah—obstacles    SB 4.7.47
  yajna-vit-tamah—who know perfectly well the purpose of sacrifice    SB 7.15.9
  yajna-vitanam—of spreading the sacrifice    SB 3.1.33
  yajna-vastu-gatam—things belonging to the sacrificial arena    SB 9.4.8
  yajna-adayah—the Lordís incarnation known as Yajna and others    SB 8.14.3
  yajna-adi—performance of sacrifices, etc.    Adi 8.17
  yajna-atman—O Lord of sacrifice    SB 4.7.33
  yajna-avasista-arthaih—things obtained after a sacrifice is offered to the Lord or after the recommended panca-suna yajna is performed    SB 7.14.14