Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yajamanah

  yajamānaḥ—the chief person performing the sacrifice (Dakṣa)    SB 4.5.7
  yajamānaḥ—the performer of the sacrifice (Dakṣa)    SB 4.6.51
  yajamānaḥ—King Dakṣa    SB 4.7.18
  yajamānaḥ—the performer of the sacrifice    SB 4.13.29
  yajamānaḥ—the sacrificer    SB 5.7.6
  yajamānaḥ—performing sacrifice    SB 6.9.3
  yajamānaḥ—as well as Bali Mahārāja, who had engaged them in performing the yajña    SB 8.18.22
  yajamānaḥ—Bali Mahārāja, who had engaged all the priests in performing the sacrifice    SB 8.18.26
  yajamānaḥ—the worshiper (Bali Mahārāja)    SB 8.20.18
  yajamānaḥ—the performer    SB 9.6.35-36

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