Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yaite

  yāite—to go    Adi 11.14-15, Madhya 3.194, Madhya 7.6, Madhya 10.14, Madhya 10.87, Madhya 10.93, Madhya 11.165, Madhya 13.159, Madhya 16.3, Madhya 16.5 (and more...)
  yāite—while going    Adi 10.54, Madhya 9.7-8, Antya 15.28
  yāite—to go.    Adi 17.60, Madhya 4.185, Madhya 19.29
  yāite—going    Madhya 17.12, Madhya 17.18, Madhya 17.226
  yāite—while passing    Madhya 7.105, Madhya 18.159
  yāite—while going there    Adi 7.40
  yāite—passing    Madhya 6.206
  yāite—going to    Madhya 17.153
  yāite—traveling    Madhya 25.222
  yāite—to return    Antya 12.67
  yāite—when He was going    Antya 13.78
  vṛndāvana yāite—to go to Vṛndāvana    Madhya 1.148, Madhya 16.85, Madhya 16.249, Antya 4.156, Antya 13.21, Antya 13.27
  ghara yāite—to return home    Antya 10.7, Antya 19.98
  pathe yāite—while passing on the road    Madhya 7.131-132, Antya 12.114
  yāite vṛndāvana—to go to Vṛndāvana    Madhya 16.88, Antya 13.24
  yāite yāite—while passing    Madhya 7.113, Madhya 7.113
  bāhire yāite—to go out    Antya 19.74
  dakṣiṇa yāite—while touring in the southern part of India    Madhya 18.221
  gaṅgā-tīra yāite—to go to the bank of the Ganges    Madhya 16.190
  gaḍa-dvāra yāite—to go openly on the road by the ramparts    Madhya 20.28
  gauḍa-deśe yāite—to return to Bengal    Antya 12.65
  gauḍe yāite—returning to Bengal    Antya 2.40
  kālīya-daha yāite—going to the Kālīya-daha    Madhya 18.83
  mathurā yāite—to go to Mathurā    Antya 13.22
  nīlācala yāite—to go to Nīlācala (Jagannātha Purī).    Madhya 10.90
  nīlācala yāite—to go to Jagannātha Purī    Madhya 25.180
  nīlācala yāite—to go to Jagannātha Purī, Nīlācala.    Antya 10.3
  nīlācale yāite—to go to Jagannātha Purī    Madhya 9.331
  nīlādri yāite—to go to Jagannātha Purī    Madhya 16.228
  nā pāi yāite—still I could not get out.    Antya 19.64
  nā pāri yāite—I could not go    Antya 13.25
  pathe yāite—passing on the road    Madhya 16.204
  pathe yāite—while passing on the path    Madhya 17.34
  pathe yāite—while passing on the way    Madhya 17.57
  samudre yāite—while going to the sea    Antya 14.84
  tāhāṅ yāite—to go there    Madhya 16.191
  vṛndāvana yāite—while going to Vṛndāvana    Antya 3.73
  yāite nā pāre—could not go    Antya 6.158
  yāite nāre—could not go    Antya 10.85
  yāite nāribā—cannot go    Antya 6.260
  yāite nārila—not able to go    Madhya 3.174
  yāite nārila—I was unable to go.    Madhya 16.278
  yāite virodhe—do not release.    Antya 13.35
  yāite vṛndāvane—to go to Vṛndāvana.    Antya 13.30

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