Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yaiba

  yāiba—I shall go    Madhya 1.230, Madhya 6.63, Madhya 7.10, Madhya 7.11, Madhya 16.134, Madhya 16.135, Madhya 16.270, Madhya 16.277
  yāiba—shall go    Madhya 1.229, Madhya 15.44, Antya 2.42
  yāibā—you will go.    Antya 6.260
  yāibā—you should go    Antya 13.34
  nā yāiba—I shall not go    Madhya 16.134, Madhya 16.135
  ekā yāiba—I shall go alone    Madhya 16.273
  ekākī yāiba—I shall go alone    Madhya 17.5
  makkāke yāiba—shall go to Mecca.    Madhya 20.13
  mathurā yāibā—you would go to Mathurā    Antya 13.23
  tāhāṅi yāiba—I shall go there.    Madhya 18.154
  yāibā pathe—you can go on the path    Antya 13.34

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