Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yadrcchaya

  yadrcchaya—by chance    SB 7.1.36, SB 7.7.7, SB 9.18.18
  yadrcchaya—by its own accord    Bg 2.32, SB 5.9.9-10
  yadrcchaya—independently    SB 2.5.21, SB 10.6.7
  yadrcchaya—automatically    SB 4.9.36, SB 5.6.1
  yadrcchaya—somehow or other    SB 4.20.26, SB 6.2.19
  yadrcchaya—as one desires    SB 1.19.25
  yadrcchaya—without cause, accidental    SB 2.8.7
  yadrcchaya—by his own perfect accord.    SB 3.4.9
  yadrcchaya—of His own will    SB 3.26.4
  yadrcchaya—without difficulty    SB 3.27.8
  yadrcchaya—all of a sudden, without engagement    SB 4.25.20
  yadrcchaya—by providence    SB 4.30.2
  yadrcchaya—without difficulty, automatically    SB 5.5.35
  yadrcchaya—of His own accord    SB 5.6.7
  yadrcchaya—suddenly.    SB 6.14.14
  yadrcchaya—simply by the will.    SB 7.5.14
  yadrcchaya—carried by the waves of material nature    SB 7.13.25
  yadrcchaya—as it is available.    SB 7.13.38
  yadrcchaya—occurring due to providence    SB 8.2.27
  yadrcchaya—by the will of providence    SB 8.2.31
  yadrcchaya—out of his own will (without being invited)    SB 8.4.9
  yadrcchaya—as offered by the supreme authority according to oneís karma    SB 8.19.24
  yadrcchaya—with the gift of destiny    SB 8.19.25
  yadrcchaya—by the supreme will    SB 8.24.46
  yadrcchaya—without any program    SB 9.15.23
  yadrcchaya—by chance, by the mercy of Your Lordship and Your representative, the spiritual master (guru-krpa, krsna-krpa)    SB 10.3.27
  yadrcchaya—by chance, while wandering all over the universe    SB 10.10.5
  yadrcchaya—by some good fortune    Madhya 22.50

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: yadrcchaya

  yadrcchaya apnoti—what he gains by chance from providence    SB 10.10.15