Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vyavaya

  vyavāya—sexual intercourse    SB 1.16.22
  vyavāya—to sex life    SB 5.14.6
  vyavāya—sexual activities    SB 6.4.52
  vyavāya-apavarga—at the end of their period of sexual enjoyment    SB 5.17.12
  vyavāya-dīnaḥ—who is poor-hearted because of acting on the platform of sex desire    SB 5.13.18
  vyavāya-dharmiṇyām—in her according to the religious performance of sexual intercourse    SB 6.4.52
  vyavāya-kṣaṇaḥ—whose leisure time is spent in sex pleasure.    SB 5.14.32
  vyavāya-kāle—at the time of sexual intercourse    SB 9.9.25

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