Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vyatha

  vyathā—pain    Madhya 3.166, Madhya 15.125, Antya 13.5
  vyatha—from pains    SB 6.11.12
  vyathā—trouble    Bg 11.49
  vyathā—some pain.    Madhya 6.115
  vyathā—unhappy    Antya 20.55
  ati-baḍa vyathā—very much pain    Madhya 15.125
  baḍa vyathā—too much pain.    Antya 4.40
  jīva pāya vyathā—the living beings suffer too much pain    Madhya 24.249
  mane vyathā—pain in his mind    Antya 9.94
  pāi vyathā—I get too much pain.    Madhya 15.149
  vyathā pāñā—being offended    Madhya 14.199

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