Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vrttya

  vṛttyā—occupation    SB 1.6.3
  vṛttyā—means    SB 1.13.9
  vṛttyā—faith    SB 3.1.35
  vṛttyā—by such a custom    SB 3.3.3
  vṛttyā—by the influence of    SB 3.5.26
  vṛttyā—interaction    SB 3.9.20
  vṛttyā—by their functions    SB 3.26.14
  vṛttyā—with the profession    SB 7.11.32
  ananya-vṛttyā—unfailing    SB 4.7.38
  śva-vṛttyā—by the profession of the dogs    SB 7.11.18-20
  kāla-vṛttyā—in due course of time, as the immediate cause of creation    Madhya 20.275
  prāṇa-vṛttyā—by the bare necessities of life    SB 5.18.10
  sva-vṛttyā—by one’s means of livelihood    SB 7.14.15
  yat-vṛttyā—the occupation by which    SB 3.6.33

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