Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vrttibhih

  vrttibhih—occupational duty.    SB 3.6.34, SB-4.21.33
  vrttibhih—by the occupations.    SB 4.29.63, SB 4.31.11
  vrttibhih—activities    SB 1.9.43
  vrttibhih—by those who are influenced by external energy    SB 3.5.45
  vrttibhih—by vocations.    SB 3.12.41
  vrttibhih—by characteristics    SB 3.26.22
  vrttibhih—by occupation    SB 4.22.55
  vrttibhih—by the activities (thinking. feeling and willing)    SB 5.17.19
  vrttibhih—by such activities of the senses    SB 8.5.44

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vrttibhih

  indriya-vrttibhih—by the activities of the senses    SB 3.32.24