Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vrtti

  vṛtti—activities    SB 1.9.31, SB 3.26.34, Madhya 8.177
  vṛtti—of the functions    SB 3.26.46
  vṛtti—explanation    Adi 13.29
  vṛtti—meaning    Madhya 20.146
  vṛtti—functions    Madhya 20.271
  abhidhā-vṛtti—the meaning that is understood immediately    Madhya 6.134
  akhila-vṛtti—in every respect, or in all activities    SB 7.15.35
  ayācita-vṛtti—the profession of not asking for anything    Adi 17.29
  ayācita-vṛtti—accustomed to avoid begging    Madhya 4.123
  bāhya-vṛtti—of external activities    Madhya 4.34
  dasyu-vṛtti—the business of a thief    Antya 3.159
  ei vṛtti—this business    Antya 14.48
  kṣiti-vṛtti-mān—accepting the profession of the earth.    SB 4.16.7
  likhana-vṛtti—by profession a clerk    Madhya 17.92
  manaḥ-vrtti—mental functions    Adi 6.58-59
  mukhya-vṛtti—direct interpretation    Adi 7.131
  pañca vṛtti—five meanings    Madhya 6.275
  sarva-dhī-vṛtti—the process of realization by all sorts of intelligence    SB 2.1.39
  siṁha-dvāre bhikṣā-vṛtti—to beg alms standing at the Siṁha-dvāra    Antya 6.284
  sūtra-vṛtti-gaṇa—the aphorisms and their definitions.    Adi 15.5
  vṛtti-arthe—for earning one’s livelihood, as in business    SB 8.19.43
  vṛtti-daḥ—source of subsistence    SB 3.13.7
  vṛtti-daḥ—employer    SB 4.21.22
  vṛtti-daḥ—one who gives pensions    SB 4.23.1-3
  vṛtti-daḥ—giving livelihood    SB 7.2.33
  vṛtti-dā—which obtains its livelihood without endeavor.    SB 7.15.15
  vṛtti-karaḥ—providing living facility    SB 4.16.22
  vṛtti-karaḥ—one who gives employment    SB 4.17.10-11
  vṛtti-karīm—to provide livelihood    SB 3.3.27
  vṛtti-karīm—suitable to maintain Yourself    SB 8.19.20
  vṛtti-sthāḥ—occupation    Bg 14.18
  ātma-vṛtti—just to preserve the body    SB 4.8.72
  ātma-vṛtti—own profession    Adi 10.50

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