Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vrksah

  vṛkṣāḥ—trees    SB 4.17.10-11, SB 4.30.47
  vṛkṣaḥ—a tree    SB 8.19.40
  vṛkṣāḥ—all indicated by the word "trees."    Madhya 24.299
  aśvattha-vṛkṣāḥ—banyan trees    Madhya 24.299
  baṭa-vṛkṣāḥ—fig trees    Madhya 24.299
  kapittha-vṛkṣāḥ—a type of tree named kapittha    Madhya 24.299
  vṛkṣāḥ phalanti—different varieties of trees bear fruit    Madhya 24.300
  ādi-vṛkṣaḥ—this is the original tree or construction of the material body, whether individual or universal.    SB 10.2.27
  āmra-vṛkṣāḥ—mango trees    Madhya 24.299

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