Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vrjina

  vrjina—distresses    SB 2.4.13
  vrjina—sinful actions    SB 5.3.4-5
  vrjina—full of sins    SB 5.6.17
  vrjina—with dangerous positions    SB 6.9.43
  vrjina—dangerous material position    SB 8.17.8

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vrjina

  akhila-vrjina-ghnam—defeating everything inauspicious    Madhya 17.138
  akhila-vrjina-ghnam—who can destroy all kinds of material misery    Madhya 24.48
  sthira-cara-vrjina-ghnah—the destroyer of all the ill fortune of all living entities, moving and not moving    Madhya 13.79
  vrjina-avahesu—which brings distress    SB 6.3.33