Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vrddha

  vṛddha—old men    Adi 7.25, Madhya 3.138, Madhya 7.81, Madhya 18.121-122
  vṛddha—the old men    SB 1.14.43
  vṛddha—increased    SB 5.13.13
  vṛddha—old man    Madhya 2.90
  vṛddha—old    Antya 13.113
  vṛddha—an old man    Antya 20.93
  vṛddhā—an elderly lady    Antya 2.104
  ati vṛddha—very old    Madhya 9.312
  vrddha-prāya—elderly man    Madhya 5.16
  vṛddha brāhmaṇa—elderly brāhmaṇa    Madhya 17.165
  vṛddha ha-ilā—you have become old    Antya 11.24
  vṛddha-anuvṛttyā—by serving those who are advanced in knowledge    SB 1.18.18
  vṛddha-kuṣmāṇḍa-baḍīra—of small pieces of fried dhal mixed with ripe pumpkin    Madhya 15.212
  vṛddha-kāle—in ripe old age    Madhya 18.46
  vṛddha-sabhāsu—in the society of learned persons    SB 5.12.7
  vṛddha-sammatāḥ—are certainly acceptable to learned and elderly persons    SB 8.19.18
  vṛddha-senāyām—in the womb of his wife, named Vṛddhasenā    SB 5.15.2
  vṛddha-sevakaḥ—a servitor of the old men    SB 4.16.16
  vṛddha-sevayā—by serving the superiors.    SB 4.20.4
  vṛddha-āśrayam—one who takes shelter of the learned    SB-4.21.44
  ā-bāla-vṛddha—beginning from the children up to the old persons    Madhya 4.83

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