Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vrddha

  vrddha—old men    Adi 7.25, Madhya 3.138, Madhya 7.81, Madhya 18.121-122
  vrddha—the old men    SB 1.14.43
  vrddha—increased    SB 5.13.13
  vrddha—old man    Madhya 2.90
  vrddha—old    Antya 13.113
  vrddha—an old man    Antya 20.93
  vrddha—an elderly lady    Antya 2.104

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vrddha

  ati vrddha—very old    Madhya 9.312
  vrddha-praya—elderly man    Madhya 5.16
  vrddha brahmana—elderly brahmana    Madhya 17.165
  vrddha ha-ila—you have become old    Antya 11.24
  vrddha-anuvrttya—by serving those who are advanced in knowledge    SB 1.18.18
  vrddha-kusmanda-badira—of small pieces of fried dhal mixed with ripe pumpkin    Madhya 15.212
  vrddha-kale—in ripe old age    Madhya 18.46
  vrddha-sabhasu—in the society of learned persons    SB 5.12.7
  vrddha-sammatah—are certainly acceptable to learned and elderly persons    SB 8.19.18
  vrddha-senayam—in the womb of his wife, named Vrddhasena    SB 5.15.2
  vrddha-sevakah—a servitor of the old men    SB 4.16.16
  vrddha-sevaya—by serving the superiors.    SB 4.20.4
  vrddha-asrayam—one who takes shelter of the learned    SB-4.21.44
  a-bala-vrddha—beginning from the children up to the old persons    Madhya 4.83