Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vratam

  vratam—vow    SB 3.24.42, SB 6.18.45, SB 6.18.46, SB 6.18.54, SB 6.18.69, SB 6.19.2-3, SB 6.19.19-20, SB 6.19.25, Madhya 22.34
  vratam—the vow    SB 6.18.46, SB 6.18.55, SB 6.19.1, SB 6.19.26-28
  vratam—a vow.    SB 4.11.12
  vratam—Vrata    SB 4.13.15-16
  vratam—the behavior    SB 5.5.32
  vratam—executing vows    SB 7.14.25
  vratam—vows    SB 8.1.22
  vratam—in the form of worship    SB 8.16.24
  vratam—observing vows    SB 8.16.61
  vratam—observance of a vrata ceremony    SB 8.16.62
  vratam—the vow of brahmacarya    SB 9.2.10

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vratam

  aloka-vratam—vows of brahmacarya, vanaprastha or sannyasa    SB 8.3.7
  brhat-vratam—avowed brahmacari    SB 4.27.21
  bala-hatya-vratam—the atonement fur killing the child    SB 6.16.14
  dhrta-vratam—completely dedicated to a vow    SB 4.1.42
  dhrta-vratam—taken to vows    SB 4.28.32
  dvadasi-vratam—the vow for observing Ekadasi and Dvadasi.    SB 9.4.29
  madhu-vratam—with bees.    SB 3.33.18
  payah-vratam—accepting the vow of taking only milk    SB 8.16.25
  payah-vratam—the observance of the vrata known as payo-vrata    SB 8.16.47
  payah-vratam—ceremony known as payo-vrata    SB 8.16.58
  payah-vratam—the ritualistic ceremony known as payo-vrata.    SB 8.17.2-3
  sarva-vratam—all religious ceremonies    SB 8.16.60
  satya-vratam—the Personality of Godhead, who never deviates from His vowThe Lord vows:    SB 10.2.26
  su-vratam—virtuous.    SB 6.18.2
  vratam idam—this process of worshiping with a vow    SB 8.16.46
  vratam idam—this payo-vrata ritualistic ceremony    SB 8.17.1