Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vrataih

  vrataih—in vow    SB 1.5.7
  vrataih—the vow    SB 1.11.31
  vrataih—by vows    SB 3.14.26
  vrataih—by observing fasting and other vows    SB 5.18.19
  vrataih—vows    SB 5.19.22
  vrataih—with multitudes    SB 3.23.20
  vrataih—with groups    SB 4.25.19

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vrataih

  adhrta-vrataih—devoid of all spiritual activities.    SB 4.18.6
  sara-vrataih—by the multitude of arrows    SB 10.4.33
  dhrta-vrataih—by qualified brahmanas.    SB 4.13.27
  madhu-vrataih—with bumblebees.    SB 4.9.63
  madhu-vrataih—with bees    SB 8.15.12
  muni-vrataih—like the great sages    SB 4.25.19