Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vraja

  vraja—go    Bg 18.66, SB 3.32.11, Madhya 8.63, Madhya 9.265, Madhya 22.94
  vraja—of Vrndavana    Antya 4.230, Antya 16.119
  vraja—big farms    SB 1.6.11
  vraja—cow pens    SB 5.5.30
  vraja—pasturing grounds    SB 7.2.14
  vraja—Vrndavana    Madhya 13.138
  vraja—of Vraja    Antya 7.38

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vraja

  vraja-sundarinam—of the beautiful gopis, the transcendental girls of Vrajabhumi.    Madhya 8.80, Madhya 8.232, Madhya 9.121, Antya 7.29
  vraja-jana—the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi.    Madhya 9.128, Madhya 9.130, Antya 19.42
  vraja-janera—of the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 13.146, Antya 19.36
  vraja-okasam—of the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi, Vrndavana.    SB 10.12.12, SB 10.12.36
  vraja-sundaribhih—by the young women of Vraja    Adi 4.224, Madhya 8.144
  vraja-vasi—resident of Vrndavana    Adi 12.88, Madhya 4.102
  suddha-vraja-vasi—a pure inhabitant of Vrndavana    Madhya 14.217
  mangala-bhuyistha-pura-grama-vraja-akarah—whose many cities, towns, pasturing grounds and mines became auspicious and very neat and clean    SB 10.3.1-5
  mara vraja-vasi—You want to kill the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 13.145
  pura-grama-vraja-adisu—in all the towns, villages and pasturing grounds    SB 10.4.31
  pura-grama-vraja-adisu—in towns, cities and villages here and there.    SB 10.6.2
  siddhi-vraja—of the groups of material perfections of the yogis (anima, laghima, prapti and so on)    Madhya 19.165
  vraja chadi—leaving Vrndavana    Antya 1.66
  vraja haite—from Vrndavana    Antya 1.66
  vraja vina—except for Vraja    Adi 4.47
  vraja-adhipah—the King of Vraja, Nanda Maharaja    SB 10.11.17
  vraja-angana—of the beautiful women of Vraja    Adi 4.74-75
  vraja-arbhakah—all the cowherd boys of Vrajabhumi    SB 10.13.8
  vraja-bhuvah—from the land known as Vraja    SB 10.11.38
  vraja-bhuvi—in the land of Vraja, Vrndavana    Antya 1.190
  vraja-bhumera—of Vrajabhumi    Madhya 4.97
  vraja-bhumi—the land known as Vrajabhumi    Madhya 8.254
  vraja-bhumi—the land of Vrndavana    Madhya 13.146
  vraja-bhrt—the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi    SB 2.7.33
  vraja-bhava—the feelings of those in Vraja    Adi 3.15
  vraja-balakaih—with other small children in Vraja    SB 10.8.27
  vraja-devi—the damsels of Vraja    Antya 15.74
  vraja-devi-gana—the gopis    Adi 4.79
  vraja-devira—the gopis    Madhya 8.94
  vraja-devira—of the gopis    Madhya 25.253
  vraja-devira—of the gopis or Srimati Radharani    Antya 7.39
  vraja-dhanam—the special wealth of the inhabitants of Vraja    Madhya 14.228
  vraja-isa—of Maharaja Nanda    Adi 4.155
  vraja-isvarasya—of my husband, Nanda Maharaja    SB 10.8.42
  vraja-isvari—the Queen of Vraja    Antya 7.30
  vraja-isvarira—and of the Queen of Vraja, mother Yasoda    Madhya 18.62
  vraja-indra—of the King of Vraja, Nanda Maharaja    Madhya 18.62
  vraja-indra-nandana—Krsna, the son of the King of Vraja    Adi 1.79-80
  vraja-jana—inhabitants    Madhya 13.143
  vraja-jana—the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 13.144
  vraja-jana—to all the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 13.147
  vraja-jana—to the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 13.157
  vraja-jana-arti-han—O one who diminishes all the painful conditions of the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Adi 6.67
  vraja-jane—to the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 13.146
  vraja-janera—of all the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 13.145
  vraja-kardamesu—in the mud created by cow dung and cow urine on the earth of Vrajabhumi    SB 10.8.22
  vraja-kumuda—of the lotuslike inhabitants of Vrajabhumi    Madhya 8.211
  vraja-karyam—the business of Vrajabhumi    SB 10.11.21
  vraja-lalana—the damsels of Vrndavana    Adi 7.8
  vraja-lila-prema-rasa—transcendental mellows of the pastimes of Vrndavana    Antya 1.199
  vraja-lila-pura-lila—His pastimes in Vrndavana and His pastimes in Mathura and Dvaraka    Antya 1.124
  vraja-loka—of the particular servant of Krsna in Vrndavana    Madhya 22.158
  vraja-loka-dhama—the place of Vraja    Adi 5.17
  vraja-lokera—of the planet known as Goloka Vrndavana    Madhya 8.222
  vraja-lokera—of the inhabitants of Goloka Vrndavana    Madhya 9.128
  vraja-lokera—of the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi    Madhya 9.131
  vraja-lokera—of the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 13.148
  vraja-narma—activities of Vrndavana.    Adi 11.23
  vraja-nari—the damsels of Vraja    Antya 15.71
  vraja-nari-ganera—of all the gopis of Vrndavana    Antya 15.23
  vraja-okasah—village cowherd men    SB 7.7.54
  vraja-okasah—inhabitants of Vraja    SB 10.6.33
  vraja-okasah—the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi in distant places    SB 10.6.41
  vraja-okasah—to the inhabitants of Vraja    SB 10.7.6
  vraja-okasah—all the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi, Vrndavana    SB 10.12.15
  vraja-okasam—by the inhabitants of the land of Vrndavana    SB 3.2.28
  vraja-okasam—of the inhabitants of Gokula    SB 10.6.5-6
  vraja-okasam—to all the inhabitants of Vraja    SB 10.11.37
  vraja-okasam—of all the inhabitants of Vraja, Vrndavana    SB 10.13.26
  vraja-okasam—of the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi    Madhya 6.149
  vraja-pasun—the animals thereof    SB 2.7.28
  vraja-pate—O King of Vraja    SB 10.8.17
  vraja-pati-sutasya—of the son of Nanda Maharaja    Antya 14.73
  vraja-prema—love like that of the residents of Vraja    Adi 3.26
  vraja-prema—the love of Vraja    Madhya 13.148
  vraja-prana—the life of Vrajabhumi (Vrndavana)    Madhya 2.70
  vraja-pura-ghare—at the home in Vrndavana    Madhya 1.82
  vraja-pura-lila—Lord Krsna's pastimes in Vraja and Dvaraka    Antya 1.44
  vraja-pura-vanitanam—of the damsels of Vrndavana    Madhya 13.79
  vraja-pure—in Vrndavana and Dvaraka    Madhya 20.392
  vraja-rasa—the transcendental mellows enjoyed in Vrndavana    Madhya 1.44
  vraja-rasa—the transcendental mellows in Vrndavana    Antya 1.205
  vraja-rasa-gita—songs about the mellows of Vrndavana-dhama    Madhya 14.232
  vraja-raja-nandane—to the son of Maharaja Nanda    Madhya 21.45
  vraja-rajera—and of the King of Vraja, Nanda Maharaja    Madhya 13.147
  vraja-rama—all the gopis in Vrndavana    Madhya 8.183-184
  vraja-sakha—residents of Vrndavana    Adi 11.21
  vraja-strinam—of all the ladies of Vraja    SB 10.8.27
  vraja-striyah—the damsels of Vrajabhumi    SB 1.10.28
  vraja-striyah—damsels of Vraja    SB 3.2.14
  vraja-striyah—all the ladies of Vraja    SB 10.7.8
  vraja-sundarih—the other gopis.    Adi 4.219
  vraja-sundarih—the other beautiful gopis.    Madhya 8.106
  vraja-vadhu—all the damsels of Vrndavana    Madhya 13.158
  vraja-vadhu—of the damsels of Vrajabhumi    Madhya 20.180
  vraja-vadhu-ganera—of the young wives of Vraja    Adi 4.48
  vraja-vadhu-sange—in the association of the damsels of Vrajabhumi    Antya 5.45-46
  vraja-vadhubhih—the damsels of Vraja, the gopis    Antya 5.48
  vraja-vilasa—of the pastimes of the Lord in Vrndavana    Madhya 1.37
  vraja-vilasa—of the pastimes of Vrndavana    Madhya 1.41
  vraja-vilase—in the pastimes of Vrndavana    Madhya 2.80
  vraja-vilasinah—who enjoys the pastimes of Vraja.    Adi 4.1
  vraja-viplavaya—for devastating the whole existence of Vrajabhumi, the land of Krsna's pastimes    SB 2.7.32
  vraja-vasi—inhabitants of Vrajabhumi    Adi 10.101
  vraja-vasi—the inhabitants of Vrndavana (Vrajabhumi)    Madhya 4.95
  vraja-vasi yata jana—all the inhabitants of Vrndavana-dhama    Madhya 13.150
  vraja-vasi-jana-adisu—among the eternal inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 22.154
  vraja-vasi-jane—in the inhabitants of Vraja, or Vrndavana    Madhya 22.149
  vraja-vasi-prati—toward the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi.    Madhya 4.95
  vraja-asraya—whose abode is in Vrndavana    Madhya 21.120
  vraja-avasam—inhabitation of Vraja    SB 10.11.35