Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: viyoga

  viyoga—separation    Madhya 2.43, Madhya 23.56, Antya 4.62
  viyoga—without that    SB 3.4.21
  viyoga—by separation    SB 7.9.17
  viyoga—or of the giving up    SB 10.1.51
  viyoga—of separation    Madhya 2.3

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: viyoga

  krsna-viyoga—separation from Krsna    Antya 6.4
  priya-viyoga—because of the loss of his wife    SB 7.2.56
  viyoga-bhaya-katarah—being afraid of giving up the body again    SB 9.13.9
  viyoga-dasa—feeling of separation    Antya 12.4
  viyoga-samyoga-adi—symptomized by giving up one type of body (viyoga) and accepting another (samyoga)    SB 5.14.1
  viyoga-sphurana—awakening of separation    Antya 20.38
  viyoga-yogayoh—of both the escaping and the capturing    SB 10.1.51