Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vitta

  vitta—wealth    SB 3.31.41, SB 4.3.17, SB 4.9.12, SB 4.20.35-36, SB 8.3.18, Madhya 10.55
  vitta—money    SB 4.2.26
  vitta—bank balance    SB 5.18.10
  vitta—material opulences    SB 9.23.26

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vitta

  akhila-vitta-pa—I am the possessor of unlimited opulence and wealth    SB 10.8.42
  grha-vitta—all household possessions    Antya 3.139
  para-vitta-apatya-kalatrani—the money, wife and children of another    SB 5.26.8
  para-vitta-hartuh—of one who steals the money of others by cheating or by transactions on the black market    SB 7.6.15
  putra-vitta—children and wealth    SB 7.7.4-5
  vitta-badha—by scarcity of money    SB 5.13.13
  vitta-sathya—miserly mentality (not spending sufficient money)    SB 8.16.51-52
  vitta-sathyena—by means of cheating someone of his wealth.    SB 5.14.35
  vitta-sathyat—because of cheating one another merely for money.    SB 5.13.11
  vitta-sathyat—because of cheating.    SB 5.14.26
  vitta-graham—as a money-grabbing ghost    SB 5.26.36
  vitta-lobhena—for being allured by greed for money    SB 8.20.3
  vitta-pa—of the owner of riches, Kuvera, the treasurer of the heavenly planets    SB 5.10.17
  vitta-vatam—for persons who possess considerable wealth    SB 7.13.16-17
  vitta-vyatisanga—by monetary transactions    SB 5.13.13
  vitta-vyatisanga—because of monetary transactions    SB 5.14.37
  vitta-van—one who is sufficiently rich.    SB 7.14.19