Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vit

  vit—stool    SB 3.19.19, SB 3.31.17, SB 4.10.24, SB 5.26.23, SB 6.18.25, SB 7.14.13
  vit—completely aware of.    SB 8.6.28
  vit—the vaisyas    SB 2.1.37
  vit—of stool    SB 5.26.22
  vit—becoming stool    SB 7.15.37
  vit—vaisyas    SB 8.5.41
  vit—or into stool    SB 10.10.10

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vit

  tattva-vit—one who knows the truth.    SB 1.9.28, SB 6.9.48
  veda-vit—the knower of the Vedas.    Bg 15.1, Bg 15.15
  adhyatma-vit—one who is expert in understanding the distinction between spirit and matter    SB 7.7.21
  ahetu-vit—not understanding the reason    SB 10.13.35
  artha-vit—being very wise.    SB 4.9.28
  atattva-vit—not conversant with the truth    SB 4.3.11
  avyakta-marga-vit—knower of that which we do not know.    SB 3.20.9
  bahu-vit—being very advanced in knowledge    SB 5.7.4
  bahu-vit—fully aware of the conclusion of Vedic literature    SB 5.15.9
  bahu-vit-tama—O greatly learned one    SB 3.10.2
  bhasa-vit—knower of languages    Madhya 23.71
  bhava-vit—knowing the intentions.    SB 3.15.4
  brahma-vit—of self-realized, saintly devotees    SB 5.15.7
  brahma-vit hana—being fully aware of Brahman    Antya 8.21
  brahma-vit-tama—O Narada, the best knower of transcendental knowledge.    SB 2.5.32
  brahma-vit-uttamat—well versed in the Vedic knowledge    SB 4.17.5
  desa-kala-vidhana-vit—completely aware of duties according to time, position and objective.    SB 9.20.16
  dharma-tattva-vit—one who is actually learned in regard to religious activities    SB 7.15.7
  dharma-vit—one who knows what religion is.    SB 1.4.27
  dharma-vit—one who knows the principles of religion.    SB 1.7.36
  dharma-vit—knowing the religious principles    SB 6.5.31
  dharma-vit—one who is actually advanced in religious principles    SB 7.15.11
  dharma-vit—completely aware of religious principles    SB 8.18.28
  dharma-vit—aware of all religious principles    SB 9.18.32
  ksetra-vit—knower of the field    SB 4.22.37
  krtsna-vit—one who is in factual knowledge    Bg 3.29
  mantra-vit—knowing how to chant the Vedic hymns    SB 6.1.56-57
  moksa-dharma-vit—the knower of the path of liberation.    SB 4.19.32
  nidana-vit—one who is expert in diagnosis.    SB 6.1.8
  parama-dharma-vit—the most learned scholar in religious principles.    SB 9.1.6
  prabhava-vit—he could now understand the influence (of the Supreme Personality of Godhead).    SB 10.3.12
  rasa-vit—expert in relishing mellow nectar    SB 1.18.14
  rasa-vit—named Rasajna (expert in tasting)    SB 4.29.11
  sarva-sankalpa-vit—the knower of all desires    SB 3.23.47
  sarva-upaya-vit—one who knows how to deal with different situations    SB 8.8.41-46
  sarva-vit—knower of everything    Bg 15.19
  sarva-vit—full of knowledge    SB 7.2.22
  su-bahu-vit—highly experienced    SB 3.1.5
  sara-vit—one who knows the essence of    SB 3.13.50
  sara-vit—knowing to be perfectly correct    SB 10.1.55
  tat-parinama-vit—knowing the result of becoming powerful as a king    SB 9.18.2
  tat-vit—expert in that knowledge, or in full knowledge    SB 10.8.30
  tattva-vit—expert transcendentalist    SB 3.9.41
  tattva-vit-tamam—the foremost knower of the science of spiritual life.    SB 3.20.4
  tirtha-vit—one who knows how, when and where charity is to be given.    SB 1.12.14
  veda-sastra-vit—one who knows the purport of Vedic literature    SB 4.22.45
  vibhaga-vit—one who knows the adjustment of place and time.    SB 1.9.9
  vibhaga-vit—one who knows the divisions.    SB 4.8.54
  visva-vit—Krsna, who is aware of everything going on throughout the whole cosmic manifestation    SB 10.13.17
  vikara-vit—knowing the restless mind.    SB 10.10.30-31
  vit-tamah—well conversant.    SB 4.13.24
  vit-van—one who is accomplished in devotional service    SB 6.9.50
  vit-bhujah—stool-eaters (hogs).    SB 3.32.19
  vit-bhujam—of stool-eaters    SB 5.5.1
  vit-mutrayoh—of stools and urine    SB 3.31.5
  vit-patih—becomes master of animals    SB 4.23.32
  vit-varaha—the village hog who eats stool    SB 2.3.19
  yajna-vit-tamah—who know perfectly well the purpose of sacrifice    SB 7.15.9
  yoga-vit—very powerful yogi    SB 4.1.33
  yoga-vit—expert in the power of mystic yoga.    SB 9.19.10
  atma-vit—a knower of spirit soul    SB 3.23.47
  atma-vit—of the self-realized soul    SB 3.28.2
  atma-vit—self-realized    SB 4.24.33
  atma-vit—of the self-realized    SB 4.24.54
  atma-vit—fully conscious by self-realization    SB 9.6.35-36