Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: visva

  viçva—the universe    SB 1.3.2, SB 3.12.27, SB 3.12.36, SB 4.1.26-27, Adi 2.99
  viçva—universe    SB 3.5.16, SB 4.8.20
  viçva—of the universe    SB 5.18.38, SB 8.17.9
  viçvä—Viçvä    SB 5.19.17-18, SB 6.6.4
  viçva—the material worlds    SB 2.8.10
  viçva—of the cosmic world    SB 3.5.22
  viçva—universal    SB 3.13.43
  viçva—of the whole universe    SB 5.18.5
  viçva—the world    Adi 3.34
  viçva—the whole world    Adi 7.163
  viçva—the whole universe    Adi 9.7
  viçva—the whole cosmic manifestation    Madhya 6.143

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: visva

  viçva-ätmä—the Supersoul of the entire universe    SB 4.6.3, SB 4.14.19, SB 10.1.3
  viçva-ätmä—the Supersoul    SB 4.20.19, SB 4.31.9, SB 9.18.12-14
  viçva-såjam—creator of the cosmic manifestation    SB 3.9.3, Antya 5.124-125
  viçva-såk—the creator of the universe    SB 2.9.18, SB 4.24.72
  viçva-ätman—O soul of the universe    SB 1.8.30, SB 1.8.41
  sarva-viçva—of all universes    Adi 7.128
  viçva haya—the cosmic manifestation has come    Madhya 25.51
  viçva-abhivandyaiù—by personalities like Lord Brahmä and Lord Çiva, who are worshiped all over the universe    SB 8.23.6
  viçva-bandhave—unto the friend of all living entities within the three worlds.    SB 4.4.15
  viçva-bhartuù—the maintainer of the universe    SB 3.16.24
  viçva-bhavam—the cause of material creation    SB 4.9.16
  viçva-bhävana—the creator of the universe    SB 1.11.7
  viçva-bhävana—O well-wisher of the whole universe.    SB 9.4.61
  viçva-bhävanam—for the welfare of the universe    SB 4.7.32
  viçva-bhävanaù—the creator of the manifested worlds    SB 2.7.50
  viçva-bhävanaù—the cause of all causes.    SB 4.28.65
  viçva-bhävanaù—who creates the universal affairs    SB 6.4.54
  viçva-bhävanaù—the original cause of all cosmic manifestations    SB 6.10.1
  viçva-bhävanaù—who has created this cosmic manifestation    SB 8.1.3
  viçva-bhävanaù—the well-wisher of all the universe    SB 8.7.41
  viçva-bhävanaù—the creator of the universe.    SB 8.10.53
  viçva-dåk—the seer of the whole universe    SB 4.20.32
  viçva-éça—O Lord of the universe    SB 1.8.41
  viçva-éçvarasya—of the Lord of the universe    SB 9.4.57-59
  viçva-éçvaraù—the Lord of the universe    SB 3.14.41
  viçva-éçvaraù—the Lord of the whole universe    SB 6.8.22
  viçva-éçvare—the Lord of all worlds    SB 2.2.14
  viçva-éçvare—the master of the entire cosmic manifestation    SB 10.5.13
  viçva-éçvare—in the master of all the planetary systems    SB 10.8.49
  viçva-guru—by the teacher of the universe, the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 3.15.26
  viçva-janéna—for the benefit of everyone    Madhya 17.210
  viçva-jayinam—the conqueror of the entire universe    SB 8.15.34
  viçva-jévaù—maintains the living entities all over the universe    SB 5.15.13
  viçva-jit—the conqueror of the world (Mahäräja Påthu)    SB 4.20.17
  viçva-jit—the conqueror of the whole universe    SB 7.4.5-7
  viçva-jitä—by the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 3.19.26
  viçva-karmä—creative person    Antya 1.167
  viçva-kartuù—of the creator of the whole universe    SB 9.9.47
  viçva-kåt—Lord Brahmä    SB 9.14.8
  viçva-kåt éçvaraù—it was not difficult for Him, for He is the creator of the whole cosmic manifestation.    SB 10.13.18
  viçva-käyaù—the total form of the universe (the whole universe is the external body of the Supreme Personality of Godhead)    SB 8.1.13
  viçva-käyaù—becoming the universal form    SB 8.19.33
  viçva-mohanam—but who mystifies the entire universe    SB 10.13.44
  viçva-mohaù—the enchanter of the whole universe    Madhya 17.216
  viçva-mülam—the origin is the Supreme    SB 3.7.16
  viçva-mürtau—in You, who have the universal form.    SB 8.6.9
  viçva-mürte—O universal form.    Bg 11.46
  viçva-mürte—O personality of the universal form    SB 1.8.41
  viçva-mürteù—of the universal form    SB 2.1.27
  viçva-mürteù—of the Universal Person    SB 3.4.27
  viçva-mürteù—of the form of the gigantic Lord    SB 8.20.23
  viçva-näbhim—navel of the universal Personality of Godhead    SB 2.2.25
  viçva-prabodhäya—unto the master of the development of the universe    SB 4.24.35
  viçva-pävanéù—which gives liberation to the whole universe.    SB 8.20.18
  viçva-rüpa—of the universal form of the Lord    Adi 17.10
  viçva-rüpa—the universal form    Madhya 19.198
  viçva-rüpaù—the gigantic form of the universe    SB 6.4.27-28
  viçva-samplavam—the dissolution of the universe.    SB 3.17.15
  viçva-suhådam—the friend of the whole world    SB 4.6.35
  viçva-suhåt—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is a friend to everyone    SB 5.10.25
  viçva-sågbhiù—by the great demigods known as the prajäpatis    SB 7.15.71
  viçva-såjam—unto He who has created this cosmic manifestation    SB 8.3.26
  viçva-såjam ekam—who alone has created this universe    Madhya 25.36
  viçva-såjaù—of the creator of the universe    SB 2.1.26
  viçva-såjaù—progenitors of the universal population    SB 4.2.34
  viçva-såjaù—all the demigods like Brahmä    SB 4.11.27
  viçva-såjaù—Maréci and the other creators of the universal affairs    SB 6.3.14-15
  viçva-såjaù—important personalities to create the universe    SB 6.4.49-50
  viçva-såjaù—the creators of the manifested world    SB 6.16.35
  viçva-såjaù—the directors of the cosmic creation    SB 6.16.48
  viçva-såjaù—the prajäpatis, to whom the management of universal affairs was entrusted    SB 7.15.72
  viçva-såjaù—the directors of universal management    SB 8.8.27
  viçva-såje—Brahmä    SB 3.15.2
  viçva-såjä—by the creator of the universe    SB 3.18.3
  viçva-såjä—by Brahmä (the creator of the universe)    SB 3.18.8
  viçva-såjäm—of those who expanded this creation    SB 3.4.11
  viçva-såjäm—of the gigantic viräö form    SB 3.6.7
  viçva-såjäm—of the demigods entrusted with the task of cosmic construction    SB 3.6.10
  viçva-såjäm—to the creators of the world’s population    SB 3.24.21
  viçva-såjäm—of the creators of the universe    SB 4.2.4
  viçva-såjäm—of the creators of the universal manifestation    SB 4.3.15
  viçva-såjäm—of all the Prajäpatis    SB 4.7.25
  viçva-såjäm—of the progenitors of the world    SB 4.19.38
  viçva-såjäm—of personalities who have created this universe    SB 5.2.2
  viçva-såjäm—of the great personalities known as the prajäpatis, such as Maréci    SB 8.1.1
  viçva-såk—the elements of universal creation    SB 3.6.5
  viçva-såk—the creator of the universe (Brahmä)    SB 3.10.28-29
  viçva-såk—Brahmä.    SB 3.11.22
  viçva-såk—of the Viçvasåks    SB 4.3.24
  viçva-såñöi kare—creates this material world    Adi 6.14-15
  viçva-såñöi-ädi—creation, maintenance and dissolution of the cosmic manifestation    Madhya 20.361
  viçva-tanoù—of the universal form    SB 2.1.33
  viçva-udbhava—creation of the cosmic manifestation    SB 3.9.14
  viçva-udyäne—in the garden of the universe    Madhya 25.276
  viçva-utpatti—the creation of the material cosmic manifestation    Adi 5.46
  viçva-vedasam—who is the knower or ingredient of this universal manifestation    SB 8.3.26
  viçva-vijayäya—for glorifying the cosmic creation    SB 3.9.25
  viçva-vit—Kåñëa, who is aware of everything going on throughout the whole cosmic manifestation    SB 10.13.17
  viçva-ätmanaù—the Supersoul of the entire creation    SB 9.6.14
  viçva-ätmani—in the Supersoul of all living entities    SB 4.7.38
  viçva-ätmä—the Lord as Paramätmä    SB 1.2.32
  viçva-ätmä—the Supersoul of the universe    SB 3.3.19
  viçva-ätmä—the Supersoul of the whole universe    SB 6.16.65
  viçva-ätmä—the soul of the universe, the Supersoul    SB 9.16.27
  viçva-ätmänam—the soul of the universe    SB 8.3.26
  viñëu viçva-dhäma—Lord Viñëu, the abode of the total universes.    Adi 5.76
  viñva-rüpa—in the form of the universe.    Bg 11.16