Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: visesa

  viśeṣa—particular    SB 5.14.1, SB 5.18.33, Adi 1.83, Antya 9.47
  viśeṣa—particularly    SB-4.21.32, Antya 13.80
  viśeṣa—specific.    Adi 3.48, Madhya 11.21
  viśeṣa—specifics    Adi 16.109, Madhya 1.9
  viśeṣa—specifically.    Adi 17.327, Madhya 12.63
  viśeṣa—manifestations    SB 3.11.40
  viśeṣa—varieties    SB 6.4.27-28
  viśeṣa—the variety.    Adi 2.13
  viśeṣa—with special attention    Adi 13.86
  viśeṣa—specific    Adi 17.316
  viśeṣa—special details    Madhya 1.11-12
  viśeṣa—specification    Madhya 9.31
  viśeṣa—particular occurrence    Madhya 16.83
  viśeṣa—distinguished    Madhya 23.5
  viśeṣa—all details.    Antya 6.238
  svāda-viśeṣa—of particular tastes    Adi 4.45, Madhya 8.84
  aṅgera viśeṣa—particular portions    Antya 1.187
  bhāva-viśeṣa—transcendental situation.    Antya 8.35
  buddhi-viśeṣa—a particular type of intelligence    Madhya 24.186
  śarīra-viśeṣa—another specific transcendental body    Adi 6.10
  kriyā-viśeṣa—pompous ceremonies    Bg 2.42-43
  kṛṣṇa-rāmera aṁśa-viśeṣa—particular expansions of Lord Kṛṣṇa and Lord Balarāma    Adi 5.153
  madhura-aiśvarya-viśeṣa-śalini—especially by the opulence of conjugal love    Madhya 21.45
  rasa-viśeṣa—a particular mellow    Madhya 14.116
  sa-viśeṣa—full of varieties.    Adi 5.34
  sa-viśeṣa—in the personality    Madhya 6.144
  sa-viśeṣa—personal    Madhya 6.151
  sa-viśeṣa—personal God    Madhya 18.189
  sva-aṅga-viśeṣa-ābhāsa-rūpe—in the form of a specific shadow from His personal body    Madhya 20.273
  tāhāra viśeṣa—specifically on this matter.    Antya 1.183
  viśeṣa sambhāra—with great gorgeousness    Madhya 14.108
  viśeṣa-buddheḥ—of the conception of the distinction between master and servant    SB 5.10.12
  viśeṣa-jñāna—specific knowledge    Adi 2.81
  viśeṣa-rūpe—and specifically    Adi 1.23
  viśeṣa-saṅghān—specifically assembled    Bg 11.15
  viśeṣa-vat—possessing differentiation.    SB 3.26.10
  viśeṣa-vikalpaḥ—the mode of the construction    SB 5.16.2
  viśeṣa-ākhyam—called viśeṣa    SB 3.26.52
  vikāra-viśeṣa—with a special transforming agent    Madhya 20.310
  ānanda-viśeṣa—special jubilation.    Adi 4.235

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