Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: visarga

  visarga—creation after the creation by the Lord    SB 3.8.33
  visarga—of birth    SB 4.11.24
  visarga—evacuating    SB 5.11.10
  visarga—and the creation    SB 6.4.29
  visarga—and causes    SB 7.9.22
  guṇa-visarga—with material affairs (created by the three material modes of nature)    SB 5.1.36
  guṇa-visarga-patitaḥ—fallen in a material body impelled by the modes of material nature    SB 6.9.35
  loka-visarga—creation of the cosmic manifestation    SB 3.8.32
  sa-visarga—releasing    SB 1.7.44
  valgu-smita-apāṅga-visarga-vīkṣitaiḥ—by her casting her smiling glance on everyone very attractively    SB 10.6.5-6
  visarga-sṛṣṭāḥ—created beings within the material world    SB 9.8.21

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