Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: visa

  viṣa—poison    Adi 10.75, Madhya 5.41
  viśa—now enter    SB 8.21.32
  viṣa—by administration of poison    SB 1.13.8
  viṣa—of poison    SB 5.1.22
  viṣa—the poison    Antya 15.76
  viśa viśa—twenty, twenty    Adi 9.18, Adi 9.18
  daśa-viśa—ten or twenty    Madhya 3.86
  kāla-viṣa-mita—made crooked by time    SB 5.14.16
  viśa dina—for twenty days    Madhya 15.189
  viṣa māge—he begs for poison    Madhya 22.38
  viṣa-amṛte—poison and nectar    Madhya 2.51
  viṣa-auṣadhyaḥ—poisonous drugs    SB 8.7.46
  viṣa-bhakṣaṇataḥ—than the act of drinking poison    Madhya 11.8
  viṣa-dhara—serpentine living entities.    Antya 9.8
  viṣa-garta-pāni—water in a poison pit of material happiness    Adi 13.123
  viṣa-jvālā haya—there is suffering from poisonous effects    Madhya 2.50
  viṣa-jvālāya—from the burning of the poison.    Antya 15.75
  viṣa-pānena—by drinking poison    SB 3.2.31
  viṣa-toya—poisoned water    SB 2.7.28
  viṣa-uda-pāna-vat—like wells with poisonous water    SB 5.14.12
  viṣa-vīrya—highly potent poison    SB 2.7.28
  viṣa-ādi khāñā—by drinking poison    Antya 2.156
  viṣaya-viṣa—of material enjoyment, which is like poison    SB 5.3.14

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