Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: viryena

  viryena—influence    SB 1.7.24
  viryena—by its inherent force    SB 3.10.5
  viryena—by the prowess of    SB 4.23.18
  viryena—by personal strength    SB 5.1.12

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: viryena

  alpa-viryena—he is not at all powerful (having no power to fight with you)    SB 10.4.36
  bhavayoh viryena—due to the semina and ovum of Lord Siva and Bhavani    SB 5.24.17
  tvat-viryena—by your semen    SB 3.21.32
  yoga-viryena—by practicing hatha-yoga, pranayama and so forth    SB 7.15.24
  atma-viryena—by his progeny    SB 4.30.12