Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: viryah

  vīryaḥ—prowess.    SB 2.1.36, SB 2.7.29
  vīryaḥ—Your energies    SB 3.33.3
  vīryaḥ—(whose) potencies    SB 4.11.18
  vīryaḥ—powerful    SB 8.24.26
  vīryāḥ—their semen    SB 4.14.42
  alaṅghya-vīryaḥ—but I, being omnipotent, never fail in My attempt.    SB 9.10.22
  amogha-vīryaḥ—a person who discharges semen without being baffled, or, in other words, who must beget a child    SB 9.20.17
  ananta-vīryaḥ—of the omnipotent    SB 2.1.33
  ananta-vīryaḥ—unlimitedly powerful.    SB 3.2.16
  anapavarga-vīryaḥ—whose prowess is never defeated.    SB 4.30.43
  duranta-vīryaḥ—inconceivably powerful    SB 8.7.8
  mahā-vīryaḥ—showing uncommon prowess    SB 6.12.27-29
  nānā-vīryāḥ—every element is full of different energies    SB 10.3.15-17
  puruṣa-vīryāḥ—endowed with the energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 5.20.23
  ruddha-vīryaḥ—submerged strength.    SB 3.8.11
  sattva-vīryaḥ—powerful existence    SB 1.15.9
  udāra-vīryaḥ—who is most liberal and powerful.    SB 5.25.10
  ugra-vīryaḥ—awfully powerful    SB 2.7.22
  vijñāna-vīryaḥ—who have full knowledge of the spiritual science and are thus very powerful    SB 5.10.18
  viriñca-stuta-karma-vīryaḥ—the Personality of Godhead, whose activities and prowess are always praised by Lord Brahmā    SB 8.18.1
  viriñca-vīryaḥ—producing from Lord Brahmā    SB 5.5.21-22

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