Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: viparyayah

  viparyayah—the opposite    SB 4.6.45, SB 8.2.30
  viparyayah—reversal of position    Madhya 24.137, Madhya 25.138
  viparyayah—a situation of forgetfulness or an awkward position    SB 6.1.55
  viparyayah—contradictory    SB 6.14.54
  viparyayah—reversal (wrongly thinking the body to be the self)    SB 7.2.47
  viparyayah—pollution.    SB 7.5.9
  viparyayah—counteraction.    SB 7.12.10
  viparyayah—the reverse condition arrives.    SB 8.15.30
  viparyayah—just the opposite    SB 10.1.49-50
  viparyayah—reversal of the position    Madhya 20.119
  viparyayah—reverse conditions.    SB 6.12.13

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: viparyayah

  tat-viparyayah—the opposite of that (an exclamation of grief).    SB 4.5.25
  tat-viparyayah—the opposite of that (that which is not supported by Vedic injunctions)    SB 6.1.40
  tat-viparyayah—the opposite of that.    Adi 3.91
  atma-viparyayah—upset about self-identification    SB 3.7.10
  atma-viparyayah—the foolish understanding that one is the body    SB 10.4.20