Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: viparita

  viparīta—opposite.    Adi 13.115, Antya 16.121-122
  viparīta—just the opposite.    Adi 17.206, Adi 17.262
  viparīta—the reverse    Adi 2.84
  viparīta—contrary.    Adi 4.249
  viparīta—the opposite    Madhya 2.20
  viparīta—contradictory    Antya 12.33
  habe viparīta—will get the opposite result.    Antya 2.171
  haila viparīta—it has become just the opposite    Antya 4.151
  kaha viparīta—do You speak just the opposite    Madhya 11.145
  viparīta-jñāne—by understanding one to be the other.    Madhya 18.108
  viparīta-vat—just like the opposite    SB 5.4.14

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