Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vimukta

  vimukta—liberated    SB 4.23.39, SB 5.1.19
  vimukta—freed from    SB 4.29.82
  vimukta—completely liberated from    SB 5.9.20
  vimukta—liberated from    SB 5.12.14
  vimukta-māninaḥ—who consider themselves liberated    Madhya 22.30, Madhya 24.131, Madhya 24.141, Madhya 25.32
  adhika-sāmya-vimukta-dhāmnaḥ—no one is greater than or equal to Him    SB 9.11.20
  jñāna-vimukta—liberated by knowledge    NoI 10
  vimukta-keśāḥ—loosened hair.    SB 1.15.10
  vimukta-māninaḥ—falsely considering themselves free from the bondage of material contamination    SB 10.2.32
  vimukta-saṅgam—completely freed from everything else    SB 1.9.30
  vimukta-saṅgaḥ—free from all material association    SB 5.11.15
  vimukta-saṅgaḥ—without material contamination    SB 9.2.11-13
  vimukta-saṅgāḥ—persons who are completely disinfected of material conditions    SB 8.3.7
  vimukta-samasta-saṅgasya—although having given up the association of my real sons and home    SB 5.8.29

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