Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vihara

  vihara—pastimes    SB 5.1.38, Adi 4.27-28, Adi 6.39, Adi 17.306, Antya 17.26
  vihara—pastimes.    Adi 3.5, Adi 3.6
  vihara—in relaxation    Bg 11.41-42
  vihara—the pleasure grounds    SB 3.23.39
  vihara—by pastimes    SB 5.2.6
  vihara—of enjoyment with a family    SB 5.13.12
  vihara—in the sexual enjoyment    SB 7.6.17-18
  vihara—pleasure houses    SB 9.10.17
  vihara—of pleasure    Adi 2.2
  vihara—manifestations    Adi 2.60
  vihara—pastime    Adi 7.18-19
  vihara—the activities    Madhya 4.5
  vihara—the pastimes.    Madhya 8.228
  vihara—enjoyment    Madhya 14.117-118
  vihara—while enjoying    Madhya 19.199-200
  vihara—blissful enjoyment    Madhya 21.108
  caitanya-vihara—about the pastimes of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Adi 7.170
  caitanya-vihara—the pastimes of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Antya 5.104-105
  eka-vihara-akula—full of uninterrupted enjoyment    SB 5.24.10
  karena vihara—enjoys His pastimes.    Madhya 21.47
  karena vihara—performs His pastimes.    Madhya 22.8
  karena vihara—enjoy life    Madhya 25.274
  nitya vihara—eternal pastimes    Madhya 20.397
  nityanandera vihara—the pastimes of Lord Nityananda Prabhu    Antya 6.100
  sangama-vihara—mingling and enjoying with Krsna.    Madhya 8.218
  sva-vihara-tantram—the network of activities for one’s own pleasure    SB 3.5.48
  udyana-vihara—pastimes in the garden    Antya 15.95
  vihara karite—to perform pastimes.    Madhya 13.24
  vihara-ajiram—the place of sense gratification    SB 5.24.5
  vihara-sthana—pleasure grounds    SB 3.23.21
  vihara-sura-dirghika—the Ganges flowing in the heavenly planets    Antya 1.191
  vihara-yogah—engagement in the pastimes of material creation, maintenance and annihilation    SB 6.9.34
  vrndavana-vihara—the pastimes of Vrndavana    Madhya 14.96
  vrndavana-vihara-varnana—description of His touring the forest of Vrndavana.    Madhya 25.256
  yat-vihara—for the enjoyment of the wife    SB 5.14.28
  yavat vihara-adikam—exactly according to their tastes or amusements    SB 10.13.19

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