Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vigraham

  vigraham—the form of the Lord    Madhya 24.112, Madhya 24.144, Madhya 25.156
  vigraham—who is the form    Adi 2.95, Madhya 20.151
  vigraham—a form.    SB 1.9.10
  vigraham—form    SB 2.10.47
  vigraham—enmity    SB 3.31.29
  vigraham—transcendental form.    SB 4.7.24
  vigraham—having form.    SB 4.12.5
  vigraham—separation    SB 4.13.8-9
  vigraham—the personified form.    SB 6.16.33
  vigraham—the bodies    SB 9.15.32
  śānta-vigraham—having a peaceful personality    SB 4.2.2
  saṁśānta-vigraham—the grave and saintly Lord Śiva    SB 4.6.34

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