Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vidvan

  vidvan—O learned one.    SB 1.18.15, SB 3.7.7, SB 3.7.16, SB 3.14.10
  vidvan—learned    Bg 3.26, SB 4.26.7
  vidvan—educated    SB 4.29.51
  vidvan—very learned    SB 6.18.29, SB 7.5.55
  vidvan—O learned    SB 2.3.14
  vidvan—O wise man    SB 3.22.14
  vidvan—O learned speaker (Sukadeva Gosvami).    SB 10.1.5-7
  vidvan—the learned    Bg 3.25
  vidvan—the supremely learned    SB 1.7.6
  vidvan—knowing    SB 3.24.10
  vidvan—he who has knowledge    SB 4.20.5
  vidvan—perfectly educated    SB 4.28.40
  vidvan—a person advanced in spiritual knowledge    SB 5.19.14
  vidvan—having known    SB 6.7.9
  vidvan—having learned    SB 7.6.15
  vidvan—knowing (the inconvenience of material existence, especially in household life)    SB 7.6.16
  vidvan—a person who is not foolish but fully aware of things as they are    SB 7.7.19-20
  vidvan—so-called learned philosophers, scientists and politicians    SB 7.9.25
  vidvan—one who understands this philosophy    SB 8.16.56
  vidvan—one who is learned    SB 8.19.17
  vidvan—because of his being the most learned person    SB 8.20.20
  vidvan—completely understanding    SB 9.4.15-16
  vidvan—learned in Vedic knowledge    SB 9.9.29
  vidvan—being completely aware of this fact    SB 9.13.3
  vidvan—being aware of    SB 9.16.8
  vidvan—one who is completely aware    SB 9.19.20
  vidvan—one who is actually in knowledge    SB 10.10.12

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vidvan

  parama vidvan—greatly learned personalities    Madhya 12.35
  parama-vidvan—the most learned    Antya 11.105
  tat-vidvan—knowing very well the art of singing    SB 7.15.72
  tat-vidvan—although it was known to him    SB 8.19.14
  vidvan api—although he knew it    SB 4.24.5
  vidvan api—even a person fortunately advanced in education    SB 8.22.17