Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vidhi

  vidhi—providence    Madhya 7.47, Madhya 16.181, Antya 19.41, Antya 19.43, Antya 19.47, Antya 19.48
  vidhi—regulative principles    SB 2.1.7, Adi 17.157, Madhya 15.108, Madhya 18.197
  vidhi—Lord Brahmä    Adi 4.150, Adi 6.47, Madhya 21.122, Madhya 24.118
  vidhi—accordingly    Bg 17.11
  vidhi—by the proper method    SB 5.19.26
  vidhi—by fate    SB 6.18.60
  vidhi—according to rules and regulations    Adi 3.17
  vidhi—injunction    Madhya 12.27
  vidhi—creator    Madhya 21.133
  vidhi—an authority in creation    Madhya 21.134
  vidhi—regulative devotion    Madhya 24.288
  vidhi—of the process    Madhya 24.340
  vidhi—the regulation    Antya 10.6

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vidhi

  vidhi-bhakti—regulative devotional service    Adi 3.15, Madhya 24.84
  vidhi-bhaktye—by regulative devotional service    Adi 3.15, Madhya 24.289
  para-vidhi—the other rule    Antya 8.79
  puraçcaraëa-vidhi—ritualistic ceremonies    Madhya 24.338
  pürva-vidhi—the former rule    Antya 8.79
  sei vidhi-dharma—that is a regulative principle    Madhya 11.112
  sva-vidhi-niyoga-çauca-cäritra-vihénäù—without character, cleanliness, and the rules and regulations given according to one’s own duty in life    SB 5.6.10
  vidhi-bala—the strength of providence    Madhya 2.30
  vidhi-bhakta—devotees following the regulative principles    Madhya 24.286
  vidhi-bhakti—regulative principles in devotional service    Madhya 21.119
  vidhi-bhaktye—by executing regulative devotional service    Madhya 24.87
  vidhi-dharma—regulative principles of religion    Adi 13.108
  vidhi-dharma chäòi—giving up all regulative principles of the varëa and äçrama institution    Madhya 22.142
  vidhi-héna—without following any regulative principles    Madhya 24.147
  vidhi-hénam—without scriptural direction    Bg 17.13
  vidhi-karäù—executors of orders    SB 7.9.13
  vidhi-kovidaiù—assisted by the priests who know the regulative principles.    SB 8.16.50
  vidhi-kåt—giving direction    SB 7.15.76
  vidhi-kåt—(yet He serves you as) an order carrier    SB 7.10.49
  vidhi-kåtam—was executed by Brahmä    SB 10.13.17
  vidhi-kåtya-yogaù—fitness of order and duty.    SB 5.10.11
  vidhi-liì—an injunction of the imperative mood    Adi 4.35
  vidhi-mate—according to the Vedic system    Adi 15.24
  vidhi-mate—according to ritualistic ceremonies    Madhya 8.15
  vidhi-märge—on the path of regulative principles    Madhya 8.226
  vidhi-märge—on the path of regulative devotional service    Madhya 24.291
  vidhi-naipuëäya—who gives the devotee the intelligence to follow the regulative principles expertly    SB 5.14.45
  vidhi-niñedha—regulative principles of rules and restrictions    Madhya 24.16
  vidhi-niñedhatä—the regulative principles, consisting of injunctions and prohibitions.    SB 7.15.61
  vidhi-niñedhäù—rules and prohibitions mentioned in the revealed scripture or given by the spiritual master    Madhya 22.113
  vidhi-prati—towards Providence    Antya 19.44
  vidhi-räga-märge—in the process of devotional service under regulative principles or in spontaneous love    Madhya 24.352
  vidhi-vat—according to prescribed regulations    SB 6.16.16
  vidhi-vat—with the same respect as offered to Vidhi (Brahmä)    SB 1.4.33
  vidhi-vat—in due form    SB 1.13.5
  vidhi-vat—according to the instructions of the çästra    SB 4.22.4
  vidhi-vat—according to the rules and regulations for receiving exalted guests    SB 6.14.15
  vidhi-vat—according to the Vedic regulations    SB 10.5.1-2
  vidhi-vat—according to the injunctions of çästra    SB 6.19.25
  vidhi-vat—in terms of the rules and regulations of etiquette    SB 7.13.15
  vidhi-vat—according to the directions of the spiritual master and the çästras    SB 7.15.5
  vidhi-vat—according to regulative principles    SB 9.10.48
  vidhi-vidhäne kuçala—very expert in the regulative principles.    Antya 19.25
  vidhi-vyavahära—regulative behavior.    Madhya 17.182
  yathä-vidhi—as directed in the authorized scriptures    SB 8.8.12
  yathä-vidhi—just according to the tenets of the scripture    SB 1.13.53
  yathä-vidhi—in terms of the çästric injunction    SB 8.18.31
  yathä-vidhi—as it behooves    SB 1.11.21