Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vidam

  vidam—of the learned    SB 1.5.40, SB 3.4.16
  vidam—of the knowers    SB 3.25.11
  vidam—of the self-realized persons    SB 5.10.9

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vidam

  a-tat-vidam—not experienced at that    SB 4.9.4
  a-tat-vidam—of those who did not know    SB 3.19.6
  a-tat-vidam—persons who are in ignorance    SB 5.4.14
  asvastana-vidam—one who does not know what is happening next    SB 4.25.38
  an-idam-vidam—of those who are ignorant of the process of devotional service    SB 2.2.27
  ati-vidam—of those who are very experienced    SB 5.11.1
  brahma-vidam—by those who are transcendentally situated    SB 2.2.25
  brahma-vidam—of the persons learned in spiritual knowledge    SB 4.1.17
  brahma-vidam—of persons well versed in transcendental science (brahma-vidya)    SB 8.20.10
  brahma-vidam—of all brahmanas, or persons who understand what is Brahman (brahma janatiti brahmanah)    SB 10.8.6
  brahma-vidam—of persons who have full knowledge of Brahman, transcendence    SB 10.11.57
  parama-artha-vidam—of those who know the highest goal    Adi 3.87
  sarva-dharma-vidam—of all religious persons    SB 9.22.18-19
  tat-vidam—of those who know the Supreme Lord    SB 7.11.7
  tat-vidam—unto persons who can understand Krsnaís activities    SB 10.11.9
  tat-vidam—to persons acquainted with the science of devotional service.    Madhya 24.348
  tattva-vidam—of those who are well versed in the Absolute Truth    SB 2.8.2
  uttama-vidam—of the great sages    Bg 14.14
  veda-vidam—scholars of the Vedas    SB 1.1.7
  veda-vidam—of persons who know the Vedic conclusions    SB 4.29.59
  vidam varah—the best of the knowers of everything.    SB 8.19.29
  atma-tattva-vidam—of the learned scholars who are aware of the spiritual science    SB 5.10.19
  atma-vidam—of the self-realized souls    SB 4.23.29