Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vicestitam

  vicestitam—activities    SB 2.10.49-50, SB 4.7.34, SB 4.14.7, Antya 17.1, Antya 19.45
  vicestitam—further programs of work.    SB 1.14.1
  vicestitam—program of work.    SB 1.14.6
  vicestitam—by the will of    SB 1.15.24
  vicestitam—has been attempted    SB 9.3.6

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vicestitam

  bhagavat-vicestitam—the pastimes of the Lord    SB 5.18.3
  karma-vicestitam—whose activities.    SB 3.29.36
  krsna-vicestitam—the activities of Lord Krsna    SB 10.1.12
  tat-vicestitam—various pastimes of the Lord.    SB 1.5.13