Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: viccheda

  viccheda—separation    Madhya 7.48, Madhya 8.53
  viccheda—because of separation    Madhya 10.1

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: viccheda

  krsna-viccheda—of separation from Krsna    Madhya 2.1, Antya 13.1, Antya 14.1, Antya 18.3
  sata-viccheda-samyutah—having 355 chapters    Madhya 25.143-144
  nahika viccheda—there is no separation.    Adi 6.10
  viccheda sahiya—tolerating the separation    Madhya 16.146
  viccheda-dasa—condition of separation    Antya 4.208
  viccheda-dasa—the condition of separation    Antya 19.30
  viccheda-duhkhita jani—knowing her affliction due to separation    Antya 19.5