Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vicare

  vicare—consideration    Madhya 10.158, Madhya 13.140, Madhya 18.22, Madhya 18.135
  vicare—in the considerations    Adi 4.111
  vicare—in consideration.    Adi 7.75
  vicare—in the judgment    Madhya 2.23
  vicare—judgment    Madhya 5.62
  vicare—conclusively    Antya 7.99

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vicare

  sastrera vicare—discussion of the revealed scriptures.    Madhya 19.16
  sastrera vicare—the verdict of the revealed scripture.    Antya 9.90
  kariya vicare—after full consideration    Antya 16.143
  rasera vicare—in consideration of different mellows    Madhya 23.102
  yateka vicare—as far as he analytically studies    Madhya 9.364