Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vepathuh

  vepathuḥ—trembling    SB 1.17.35, SB 3.30.21
  vepathuḥ—trembling of the body    Bg 1.29
  vepathuḥ—palpitations    SB 1.14.11
  vepathuḥ—a shudder    SB 3.19.23
  vepathuḥ—trembling in her body.    SB 4.17.28
  vepathuḥ—suffering    SB 4.28.14
  vepathuḥ—began to tremble.    SB 8.17.6
  jāta-vepathuḥ—shaking.    SB 4.4.2
  sa-vepathuḥ—with trembling of the body    SB 9.4.61
  sa-vepathuḥ—his body trembling    SB 10.13.64
  sañjāta-vepathuḥ—whose heart was beating    SB 10.7.37

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