Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: venu

  venu—flute    Adi 2.29, Adi 17.13, Antya 16.124, Antya 16.143, Antya 17.34
  venu—of the flute    Adi 1.17, Antya 1.7, Antya 17.46
  venu—flutes    SB 8.8.13, Madhya 21.21
  venu—the flute    Antya 16.125, Antya 17.23
  venu—bamboo    SB 1.6.13
  venu—dress    SB 3.8.24
  venu—of bamboos    SB 5.6.8

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: venu

  venu-nada—the vibration of the flute    Antya 14.108, Antya 17.38
  amrta-venu-gita—and sweet songs of Your flute    Madhya 24.56
  amrta-venu-gita—of the sweet songs of the flute    Antya 17.31
  bajaila venu—played the flute    Antya 14.107
  ei venu—this flute    Antya 16.144
  kala-venu-gitam—sweet vibrations made by playing the flute    Madhya 24.176
  kicaka-venu-vetra-vat—with plants and creepers of different names    SB 8.2.20
  krsna-venu—of Krsna's flute    Antya 17.10
  sanketa-venu-nade—by the signal of the vibration of the flute    Antya 17.24
  venu bajaya—blowing the flute    Adi 17.14
  venu-sabda—the vibration of the flute    Antya 17.23
  venu-dhvani—the vibration of the flute    Antya 17.35
  venu-dhvani suni—hearing the vibration of the flute    Madhya 21.108
  venu-dvare—by the flute    Antya 16.133
  venu-dvare—through the flute    Antya 17.36
  venu-gite—the singing of the bamboo    Adi 4.251
  venu-gulmam—the dried creepers beneath a bamboo tree    SB 6.1.13-14
  venu-gana—sweet song of the flute    Madhya 2.56
  venu-kara—with a flute in the hands    Madhya 21.101
  venu-kicakaih—with venus (bamboos) and kicakas (hollow bamboos).    SB 4.6.18
  venu-ranitam—the sound of His flute    Madhya 17.36
  venu-rava—because of the sounds played on flutes and bugles by the cowherd boys    SB 10.13.22
  venu-rupayoh—of the flute and the beauty of Krsna    Madhya 23.84-85
  venu-svanaih—by the sounds of the flute    Madhya 1.5
  venu-svanaih—by the vibrations of the flutes    Madhya 24.207
  yavat yasti-visana-venu-dala-sik—not only like their bodies but exactly like their bugles, flutes, sticks, lunch bags and so on    SB 10.13.19